Winter 2017 Newsletter
Dear Friends of South Florida Haiti Project,

As we come to the end of 2017, we are grateful for a year of Vital Partnerships and Milestones for our brothers and sisters in Christ at Bon Samaritain Church and School and for the people of Bondeau. We are also grateful for the prayers and support of the people of Bondeau for our life in Christ. It strengthens and renews us; it is a cherished gift.
God, as always, is on the move in our partnership. The following images tell our story of transformative impact in the area of education, health care and community development.  We are grateful for your steadfast partnership along the way! Thank you for your support and prayers in the past. We ask for those to continue as we move forward in faith, hope and love!
The Rev. Andrew Sherman, President of the South Florida Haiti Project

New Night School for the Bondeau Community

This October, we received a five year $20,000 grant to fund a Night School to provide basic literacy and educational training for older teens and adults in the Bondeau Community. The School started with 24 students. Our vision is to assess whether this school could expand in the future to offer vocational training to community members.

Outstanding results on national exam

Twenty-four out of twenty-five ninth grade students passed the national exam, a result that drew the positive attention of the Haitian Department of Education. We have begun a conversation with the community about how we might support opportunities for college education.

Health Care Mission and Formation of Health Care Advisory Team 

This summer, we formed a Health Care Advisory Team comprised of board members and Haiti-based partners to guide our vision for sustainable health care delivery to the community. In October, we conducted a Health Care Mission and we received a $6,000 grant from the Daughters of the King to purchase critical medical supplies. Click here for a report on results.

Teacher Training Continues with Third Successful Training Week 

This fall, we conducted our third week-long training with our Teaching by Heart partners led by Dr. Diane Allerdyce. Teachers from the newly formed Episcopal school in the neighboring community of Martel, supported by our partners at the New York Haiti Project, participated in the training.

Grant for Church Roof Repair

In November, we received a grant of $4,500 to repair the roof of our church building dedicated in 2015. Our beautiful church continues to serve as the heart of the Bondeau community. We are grateful for this grant from the Eastburn Endowment at St. Gregory's Episcopal Church to continue to care for this sacred space.

South Florida Haiti Project Meets with Vestry of Good Shepherd Episcopal New Church, Tequesta, Florida 

In October, we met with the Vestry of Good Shepherd Church to explore expanding and developing our partnership. In September, three members of the Good Shepherd Church participated in a pilgrimage to Bondeau to, in the words of Jesus, "Come and See."

Honoring the work of Deacon Anita Thorstad and Kay Timoun 

After more than a decade of ministry in the Bondeau community, Deacon Anita is stepping down from her ministry at Kay Timoun. In conversation with Bishop Duracin and the leadership of Bon Samaritain Church, the ministry of Kay Timoun is being re-envisioned in response to the need to close Kay Timoun due to the more stringent requirements from the Haitian government. We are committed to securing resources to support the continuing education of the Kay Timoun children.  Deacon Anita will be honored at our Saturday, February 10 fundraising event at St. Gregory's. We invite you to join us for this evening of thanksgiving and celebration. 

Current Fundraising Needs
  • A $100 gift supports school supplies for a classroom 
  • A $300 gift sponsors a teacher for one month
  • A $500 gift helps with medical care for the community by supporting a month salary of our Community and School Nurse
  • A $2,500 gift builds a new roof for a home in the community   
Board Completes a New Strategic Agenda 

The SFHP Board completed a new Strategic Agenda for the Bondeau community. Check it out now by CLICKING HERE!
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South Florida Haiti Project is a partnership with the Bon Samaritain congregation in Bondeau, Haiti and with congregations, groups and individuals throughout the United States collaborating to bring education, health care and community development to the people of Bondeau, Haiti.
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