The South Florida Haiti Project  is a partnership with St. Marie Madeleine congregation in Bondeau, Haiti and with congregations, groups and individuals throughout the United States collaborating to bring education, health care and community development to the people of Bondeau, Haiti .



Update on the Construction of New Church For Bondeau 


Dear Friends of Ste. Marie Madeleine, Bondeau, Haiti,


During the celebration of the Feast of Ste. Marie Madeline at Bondeau, Haiti on July 2011, The Rt. Rev. Bishop Zache Duracin, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, laid the corner stone for the new church building.


In early 2012, the South Florida Haiti Project worked with the priest in Bondeau to create plans for the new building.  Over the next three years, we raised more than $370,000 to build the church.  We will complete most of the construction of the sanctuary in time for the Feast Celebration on July 12, 2015, but we still need to raise the money for several finishing touches.  


The most significant need is to paint the building inside and out.  While painting could be delayed for a number of months, it is cost effective to paint now while the construction scaffolding is in place rather than incurring the cost of new scaffolding later.  Painting now is essential to protect the building from the harsh tropical elements.  The cost to purchase good quality paint and labor is about $15,000.


We are also seeking funds for pews and other furniture for the building.  We can use metal folding chairs for some period of time, but we need more permanent furniture.  We have eliminated the option of purchasing used pews in the US due to shipping costs.  Locally made furniture has the added benefit of supporting the local economy.  The cost of the furniture will be:

  • We need 135 pews for the nave and choir which will seat about 800 people.
  • You can purchase a pew for $500.
  • Alternatively you can purchase sanctuary furniture for $5,000, or sacristy closets and drawers for $7,500.



The original plans for the church call for a tile floor. 

  • The cost to tile the floor is estimated to be $25,000. 

South Florida Haiti Project invites you to consider a gift in any amount to help complete the building of the church and the necessary facilities.  The most urgent need is to provide paint for the new building.  All persons participating in this fund raising are recognized on a Donor Plaque in the new building.


Please contact any of the signers of this email with questions and to find out more on the church project.




Fr. Andrew Sherman,President


David Gury, Treasurer

Fr. Sam Owen, Project Developer


Donations may be addressed to:

St. Gregory's Episcopal Church

100 NE Mizner Blvd

PO Box 1503

Boca Raton, FL 33432


Please make checks payable either directly to South Florida Haiti Project with a memo for church building or to St. Gregory's Episcopal Church with a memo: 

For SFHP church building.


Help Support the Completion of the Church

Purchase a pew for $500. 
Purchase paint and labor to paint the church for $15,000.
Purchase a tile floor for $25,000 

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Alternately, you may mail a check to:

 St. Gregory's Episcopal Church 

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South Florida Haiti Project is an auxiliary Ministry of St. Gregory's Episcopal Church.

St. Gregory's Episcopal Church is a religious nonprofit organization.  

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