South Miami City News & Updates
April 8, 2020 | Issue 2
City in a State of Emergency
Safety is key to mission of Solid Waste Division
Welcome to the 2nd edition of South Miami City News & Updates. We start our report this week with a link to a "Data Dashboard" showing how COVID-19 is impacting municipalities all across Florida, including South Miami.

To access details for your area, visit the Dashboard , hit the tab at the bottom for "Cases By ZIP Code," and tap on the ZIP code where you live.

Right before our eyes, this coronavirus is changing the world in so many ways. But as it continues to impact our daily lives here in South Miami, some things remain unchanged. And when it comes to garbage pick up, that's a good thing!

Some residents have inquired as to whether garbage and recycling services will be altered during this period. The answer is no.

In fact, key to the mission of the Solid Waste Division is a commitment to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, in their management of the city's solid waste material. This is what they've always done for us and will continue to do every day during this crisis.

Since South Miami declared a State of Emergency on March 13, we have been working diligently to ensure continued professional delivery of essential city services , while taking all necessary precautions to protect the health and well being of our residents and employees.

For Your Information:
Regularly scheduled trash collection will continue five days a week throughout the various city neighborhoods.

Solid Waste is one of five divisions of the Public Works & Engineering Department. Contact us via email or call 305-403-2063.
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