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 Dear Friends!  

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it". - Ferris Bueller. 

How much are you paying attention to your life? What is it you have wanted to learn, or try, or become that you have never gotten around to. We spend a great deal of time pining for ways to be "better" without ever putting in the effort to become better. This is the heart of the issue with us becoming the people of God Jesus has called us to be. We spend a lot of time admiring Jesus without imitating Jesus and then wonder why our life has not changed. It is time for us to wake up and start living. Let today be that day you make a choice to do something about your life.

I hope to see you Sunday!

Pastor Cory Britt


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 " We know what we are, but know not what we may be."  -William Shakespeare

The human life is miraculous. The very idea of existence is mind blowing. René Descartes said, "I think therefore I am", but the very idea of thinking and the idea of being is grand to a point it can make your head spin. Most of the time we spend this miracle on very mundane things and often things very profane. We reduce ourselves to feelings, emotions, and drives. Yet, are we not more than beings searching for a temporary joy. The Psalmist looked at the stars and the moon and cried out "my God, who am I that you would think of me?" God, however, does answer and claims you and me as his and says, "You are mine".
To Be human is to belong to God. That belonging makes us divine, which should cause us to question am I truly living into the potential God has created me to be?
We live in a world that is kill or be killed, it is one of greed, one of power, one of dominance. Is there another way?

"When he called his society together, Jesus gave its members a new way of life to live.
He gave them a new way to deal with offenders - by forgiving them;
He gave them a new way to deal with violence - by suffering;
He gave them a new way to deal with money - by sharing it;
He gave them a new way to deal with problems of leadership -by drawing upon the gift of every member, even the most humble;
He gave them a new way to deal with a corrupt society - by building a new order, not smashing the old;
He gave them a new pattern of relationship between man and woman, between parent and child, between master and slave, in which was made concrete a radical new vision of what it means to be a human person." -Stanley Hauerwas

Jesus invites us into his Kingdom, his way of living, his call to be human. We have already spent a few weeks looking at this new way of life, we have a few more to go. We will be looking at what it means to turn the other cheek, living without anxiety, forgiveness, and seeking God's kingdom.

We are using the Gospel of Matthew as our foundational reading. I encourage you to read along and I hope to see you Sunday.



You may have seen this circulating a couple of years ago. This is what I think the church is like. Watch and see if you see what I see.



Check Your Children in before the 11AM service. 
FX is a dynamic family ministry with singing, live drama, Biblical teaching, and life lessons your children will enjoy and learn from.



YOUTH youth


Sunday Night Live

Sundays from 5-7pm

SNL is our main, weekly program for 6th-12th grade students.  This is a night filled with games, music, dinner and small groups.


South Shore Youth Welcomes Rising 6th Grade Students

Summer time is a time of fun and warm weather, but it's also a time of transition.  Students who were considered elementary school age are now seen as middle schoolers even though they've never been to middle school.  Youth Group is a great place to meet friends and get introduced to students who are a little older.  

Join us on Sunday nights all summer from 5-7pm.


B.E.L.L.S ministryopp
The B.E.L.L.S Challenge
The Goal of our faith is not to simply learn about what Jesus did. We are not called to be 
admirers, but followers. How are you following Jesus?
The purpose of the church is to "alert others to universal reign of God through Jesus Christ"(*) We do this through through our word s and actions. If we believe that the ultimate reign of God in heaven will be one of justice, generosity, community, peace, reconciliation,  forgiveness and so on, then we ought to be living lives that reflect that Kingdom. Below you will find 5 practices that will help you live a life that follows Jesus. Look them over and give it a shot. 

B:    Bless: I will bless three people this week, at least one of whom is not a                                  member of my faith community.
E:    Eat:     I will eat with three people this week, at least one of whom is not a                                 member of my faith community.
L:    Liste:  I will spend at least one period of the week listening for the Holy                                     Spirits voice.
L:    Learn: I will spend at least one period of the week learning about Jesus.                                  (read the Gospels, read books about Jesus, etc.)
S:    Sent:  We are a 'sent' people by God, I will journal the ways in which I                                      alerted others to God's reign through actions and words as well as                                opportunities missed, so as to grow in the image of Jesus.

* This quote and these ideas are fully explored in Michael Frost's book "Surprise the World"



How's your faith nourishment? 



Are you communicating with Jesus?

Reading your Bible, spending time in prayer, in a small group with friends, living your faith in community?



Here is your Prayer/Scripture challenge


28 Day Challenge

The Book of Matthew

  1. Pray the A.C.T.S prayer
    1. Adoration: acknowledging God's greatness
    2. Confession: confess your sins to Jesus
    3. Thanksgiving: Give thanks to God
    4. Supplication: ask for God's provision for you and others
  2. Pray: Jesus, reveal your word for me this day.
  3. Read one chapter of Matthew
  4. Note: What verse spoke to you
  5. Note: What does this look like in your life?
  6. Pray: Lord help me live our your word today and show me how to be a part of what you love.
When reading scripture it is good to take your time and absorb it. It is challenging and sometimes confusing. Allow yourself room to be ok with not mastering it in one sitting. Write down your questions, challenge yourself, and allow God to work through the pages.

Read Scripture  (this is a scripture reading plan I have followed for almost two years now)
Get involved  in helping the community


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