A Note From the Principal
Dr. Tim Anderson

Greetings South View Families-

I’m pleased to report that the first week of school continues to go quite well. Our learners are getting used to our routines, renewing relationships with peers and getting to know their teachers. We are following safety protocols as outlined in previous messages. During advisory this week, we reviewed with all students the importance of demonstrating safety, learning, and respect every day at South View. And, as I communicated in our 8/31/21 update, we successfully launched our first C Day on Wednesday. Further, our staff remain excited and energized about working with students in person, five days a week!

As we ramp up our academic emphasis, we will be working to help students stay organized. Responsibility for staying on top of several classes after the summer break is a big challenge in middle school. To make organization easier for your learner, consider the following tools:

To-Do Lists. Have your learner review and note everything that needs to be completed for the following day, week, month, etc.
A Planner. Your learner should review and note all assignment due dates and assessment dates in a planner so all assignments and responsibilities can be seen in one place.
Sticky notes. If your learner remembers something that needs to be done while studying, it can be recorded on a sticky note without disrupting work time too much.
Schedules. Show your child how to make and follow a schedule every day. Here is a sample:
4:05 Classes are over
4:20 Snack and Relaxation
4:45 Schoolwork
5:30 Dinner
6:15 Leave for soccer practice

I invite you to review the rest of this newsletter for details about the days and weeks ahead. It is going to be a great year!