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MyChartâ„¢ is Coming to South West Ontario
Hamilton Health Sciences is pleased to partner with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, enabled by funding from Canada Health Infoway, to bring MyChart to citizens within south west Ontario. MyChart is the patient portal founded and operated by Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and being utilized by over 20 partner sites across Ontario. The deployment of MyChart within south west Ontario represents the first regional consumer health solution deployment in Ontario. This product will allow patients to seamlessly access their health records from acute care facilities or Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) Home and Community Care Services, within south west Ontario, in which they have been treated. This will reduce barriers to care and will ultimately enable patients to become better partners in their health journey.

MyChart is being integrated with the regional clinical viewer for south west Ontario, ClinicalConnectâ„¢, which integrates data from 72 acute care hospitals, LHIN Home and Community Care Services and Regional Cancer Programs, as well as various provincial data repositories. At this time, data contained in provincial repositories held by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and operated by eHealth Ontario will not be integrated nor available to patients using MyChart.
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Hear what physicians, executives and patients have to say about the significance of having clinical health information accessible in MyChart. 

Did You Know?
MyChart is a secure online service designed to give patients the opportunity to:
  • Gain access to their clinical health information from multiple acute care sites, at which they have been treated
  • Share their health information with family caregivers and health providers
  • Manage their own personal health record 
  • Seek general information pertinent to their medical condition
  • Securely message other users to collaborate in their health journey
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As we continue to plan for implementation, we would like to hear from you. For feedback, questions or additional information, 
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Welcome Aboard to our Early Adopter Sites!
Congratulations  to Hamilton  Health Sciences' McMaster Children's Hospital (MCH) , and to London Health Sciences' Regional Cancer Program, and St. Joseph's Health Care London , who have confirmed their participation as early adopter sites to begin deploying MyChart in July. Starting July, select patients and families of the following programs/clinics will have the ability to register for MyChart upon checking in to their appointment:
  • London Regional Cancer Program
  • St. Joseph's Health Care London Breast Cancer Program
  • MCH Complex Care Clinic 
  • MCH Children's Exercise and Nutrition Clinic
  • MCH Pediatrics to Adult Transition Clinic
In early fall of 2018, the platform will be expanded to other clinics within McMaster Children's Hospital and sites within Hamilton Health Sciences and London Health Sciences. New registration sites will also be added this fall. 
Access to Health Information
Our ultimate goal is to provide patients with real time access to as much of their health information as possible. Starting July, as stated above, select patients of early adopter sites will have access to medication, allergy, lab, microbiology, pathology and genetics information, dating back to January 2018. After consultation with patients, caregivers and clinical stakeholders, it is expected that certain information will be made available to patients after clinicians have had a chance to access the information to allow for appropriate follow-up regarding sensitive results. Patients will continue to have access to all of their data through the Health Records and/or Release of Information Departments at organizations where they have been treated. 

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MyChart is a secure online service operated by Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and being made available in south west Ontario by the HITS eHealth Office at Hamilton Health Sciences. MyChart provides patients, and their authorized caregivers, access to a comprehensive view of their health information.