30 Million

30 Thousand

30 Years

September 2021

With over $30,000,000 invested into serving low to moderate communities since 1991, SouthFair has a LOT to celebrate for the last 30 years of service. Our goal to raise $30,000 by North Texas Giving Day can be made possible with a gift from you! And we've provided many ways to make that process easy.

Through the NTGD platform, GoFundMe Charity, and DonateStock, you can show your support for all the services we offer here at SouthFair!

North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day has always focused on providing an impartial platform for organizations to raise funds for their cause. This year, they promoted the addition of an equity statement.

Ours is as follows:

Everyone deserves to feel protected. SouthFair makes that possible by revitalizing a community with affordable housing which benefits low- to moderate-income families. Although SouthFair services predominately people of color, we are committed to revitalizing South Dallas by giving everyday people opportunities at homeownership and protection.

We asked kids to share why having a home is important.


DonateStock is a great and fun platform that allows anyone to make a donation to our organization. The stock markets are at all time highs, making it the perfect time to donate stock. 

You can help SouthFair fund its by donating stock directly in minutes!

  • Avoid capital gains tax: 15-30% you’d pay if you sold the stock
  • Get a bigger deduction by making a pre-tax contribution
  • SouthFair keeps the money you would have paid the IRS

It’s safe, easy and there is no cost to donate stock.

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GoFundMe Charity

The opportunities, homes, and businesses we've been able to pour into have been nothing short of amazing. Our community in Fair Park is innovative, dedicated, and committed to the revitalization of South Dallas.

September 30, 2021 will be the last day you can donate to our GoFundMe. By clicking the picture to the right, you can make your contribution right now!

Our Fair Park Family

These homebuyers are graduates of SouthFair's Homebuying Program. Hear directly from them about their experience...

Ms. Green is a recent 2021 homeowner

" I was introduced to MaryAnn Cuellar, who told me about the program and how they could help me buy a home. Her knowledge and guidance through the program gave me a wealth of information on the work that needed to be done to get me where I am today. It hasn't been easy, but her pep talks kept me encouraged. The expertise of the entire team will truly be an asset to anyone wanting to stop renting and buy a home."

Ms. Rodriguez has been a homeowner in Fair Park Estates for over 5 years

"My homeownership journey was simple and stress free due to all the help and HB education received at SouthFair, especially the help with credit and learning about DHAP. In honesty, when the interviewer asked me about working with the other HB team members, I just had to say, 'I didn’t really have to do much at all, except provide all the documents required, and attend mortgage ready appts and/or training.' The SouthFair staff did everything, it was simple and quick!” 

Ms. Parker purchased one of SouthFair's brand new 4-bedroom homes this year.

"This is the first time buying a home so I can’t compare the process but I definitely feel like I’m a part of the community and not just a customer... Ms. Mary Ann and Ms. Evans were really accommodating and helpful with the process... Extending the conference room to do the signing, providing snacks when you’re going through a 2-hour signing, it’s personal and genuine. They serviced me through."


Monica Cotton

Word of mouth allowed for Monica Cotton's babysitting service to stretch over generations. This SouthFair resident, has spent the last 32 years raising many of "her babies" with her affordable childcare plan for those who need the help. From police officers to school teachers, Ms. Cotton has helped raise many in the community and has no plans of retiring any time soon. But there's more to her than being a caretaker...

Where were you born: City, State- Sicily Island, Louisiana

Favorite restaurant, dish, or pig-out food – Creole food & Elaine's

Family – Two older sisters, one retired and another in healthcare; a brother who retired from Dallas Police Department; and a baby sister who has passed

Famous person you would most like to meet- Tyler Perry

Words that describe you best - Patient

In your spare time you . . . – pray and read my bible a lot

If you’ve learned one thing in life, it is . . . – you have your ups and downs

What are your hopes/desires for SouthFair and the South Dallas community? Everyone will get along and have more peace, love, and respect for each other

D CEO's Nonprofit & Corporate Citizenship Awards 2021

We're honored!

We were more than happy to be nominated for the Capital One Impact Initiative Award alongside WiNGS and winner, Café Momentum! We appreciate D CEO and Capital One for recognizing the efforts of our Board and Staff!

Bianca R. Montes and Christine Perez said it best, "Writing a check is no longer enough when it comes to the role North Texas businesses play in supporting nonprofits." In their article, A New Era of Corporate Citizenship, they not only discuss the support that Dallas organization have for one another but highlight the leadership making big moves as well. In addition, all organizations that were nominated and took home an award that night are listed at the bottom of the article.

To read more about the many passionate leaders in Dallas, click the button below.



Derrick Nutall

Mississippi State University alumni, Derrick Nutall became a board member in 2016. The 23-year veteran of the mortgage industry and is passionate about economic development in South Dallas. Here are some interesting facts about Derrick!

Where were you born: City, State- Yazoo City, MS

Favorite restaurant, dish, or pig-out food – I’m a Cajun seafood fanatic.

Family – Bernadette, Olivia (recently graduated from FAMU, currently pursuing her masters at UT Arlington) and Lauren (freshman at Howard University)

Famous person you would most like to meet- Former President Barack Obama

Words that describe you best – Sincere, generous, family and community focused.

In your spare time you . . . -Read! I am a voracious reader.

If you’ve learned one thing in life, it is . . . – Your reputation proceeds you, whether you’re going up or down.

What are your hopes/desires for SouthFair and the South Dallas community? I sincerely hope that SouthFair can continue to positively impact the South Dallas community and that we receive all the necessary resources and municipal support we need to meet our goals. As for South Dallas, I pray that the community can undergo a renaissance that reflects the true spirit of its citizens. South Dallas deserves the best.

Annie Evans, Executive Director

Maryann Cuellar, Housing Counselor

Lorena Muckelroy, Resident Manager

Alfred “Dale” Glaspie, Maintenance

Grace Feyisetan, Development Assistant

SouthFair Community Development Corporation

2610 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Dallas, TX 75215



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