As a member of the Southampton Hospital Board I'm incredibly proud of the way our hospital worked with their administration, staff, and our community to see this day!

We should all be grateful,
Barbara Borsack
Dear Friends,
We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating a very special patient who was discharged yesterday. As a result of the excellent and compassionate care provided by our medical and healthcare staff, she went home--after 120 days of fighting COVID-19.

We are proud to report, that for the first time since March 8, 2020, your Hospital has no admitted patients confirmed with COVID-19 or under suspicion for the coronavirus.
We continue to test admitted patients for COVID-19 and we are preparing for the potential of a second surge. We ask that you continue to do your part by wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and frequently washing your hands to help protect the health of all.  
Take good care of yourself and stay well.
´╗┐Robert S. Chaloner
Chief Administrative Officer

Fredric I. Weinbaum, MD
Chief Medical Officer 
Chief Operating Officer

The information shared here is correct at the time of mailing however due to the fast moving landscape surrounding COVID-19 it may be evolving. Please check  for updates.