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News from the Southeastern Delegation to the AMA
Dear Colleagues

Here we are again at the start of another New Year.

We continue our historical summary of past AMA Presidents from current SED States. The Pictures and Vignettes, from the AMA archives, are a fascinating look both into our AMA Past and into the changes in the faces of American Medicine. It is fascinating to note that we had no conventions nor newly elected leadership during the Civil War years of 1861 to 1863. Also note that not until 1979 did Chicago become the regular site of the AMA Annual Meetings; the first Interim Meeting was held in Cleveland, Ohio on January 5-6, 1945. We appreciate our current richness of diversity in AMA Membership and Leadership. Our current succession of female Presidents would have been unheard of in the historical eras.

We continue our Beyond the Stethoscope column and present a Special Feature column by Dr Dalton. 

Have a Great 2020,

Claudette Dalton, MD, Chair, SED
John Poole, MD, Chair-elect, SED
Bill Clark, MD, Immediate Past Chair, SED
Stephen A Imbeau, MD, Newsletter Editor

Claudette Dalton, MD

Student Support by the Southeastern Delegation

As most of you know, the leadership of the Southeastern Delegation has had significant concerns about consistent support for our medical students as well as concerns about redundant resolutions that sometimes are not evidence based and/or are not consistent with either their state’s or AMA policies. We have met with the students several times and have listened to their issues and delved into the structure and functions of the Medical Student Section. We have also canvased most of the SE states and gotten some ideas about how the students are supported in those states. All of this activity was in hopes of achieving several objectives, including how to write pertinent and successful resolutions, forge closer relationships with the whole of the SE Delegation and with their individual states, how best to support their attendance at AMA meetings and how to support individual students interested in leadership positions.  

Read the rest of Dr. Dalton's message here .

What time is it?
Stephen A. Imbeau, MD
Editor, Southeast News
Used by permission of the Morning News and SCNow

“What is time?” you might ask.

The most famous response is by St. Augustine, who responded, to paraphrase: I know exactly what time is, if you don’t ask me to explain it.

And so it remains. Debate rages across the ages among historians, philosophers, religions and now science about the meaning of time. Does it have a beginning? Does it end? Is it linear?

But we have learned how to measure it … mostly.

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Since the founding of the AMA in 1847, many members of our Southeastern Delegation have served as President. Here we highlight some of them.

Click on each picture for a bio and the links to read more information.
Henry Ford Askew, MD (Delaware)
William O. Baldwin, MD (Alabama)
William K. Bowling, MD (Tennessee)
Joseph J. Woodward, MD (District of Columbia)
Dr Woodward was injured in an accident and unable to attend the meeting in 1882 as he was recuperating in Europe and so his Presidential address was given by Dr Hooper, First Vice President.  It is interesting that Dr Woodward helped with the autopsy of John Wilkes Booth

Tobias G. Richardson, MD (Louisiana)
Joseph M. Toner, MD (District of Columbia)
David W. Yandell, MD (Kentucky)
For the latest information on issues, meeting dates, helpful resources and pictures from past events make sure to visit the SE Delegation to the AMA's website!
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