SoCalREN Quarterly Update
December 2020 | Q4
The Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN) is a program administrator (PA) that provides energy efficiency (EE) programs and services to residents, businesses, and public agencies. Led by the County of Los Angeles, SoCalREN serves more than 20 million customers across 12 counties that receive electricity and gas from Southern California Edison (SCE) and SoCalGas®. Over the course of 2020, and specifically in Q4, SoCalREN has continued to endure and has committed to address the following:

  • Provide services to maximize opportunities for residents, businesses, and public agencies.

  • Provide programs and services to hard-to-reach markets that the investor-owned utilities (IOUs) are not able to serve.

  • Pilot new, groundbreaking approaches to programs that can potentially scale and offer an avenue to greater energy savings.

To understand what each sector has done in more detail throughout Q4, read about their successes and new initiatives implemented, below. In addition, you can view the updated SoCalREN Program Overview flyer here. The flyer can also be viewed in Spanish (Español), Korean (한국어), and Simplified Chinese (简体中文).  

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Public Agency Programs
The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced consumers and companies alike to seek cost savings in new and creative ways. Public agencies are under the same pressures, and they are increasingly finding meaningful savings with help from SoCalREN Public Agency Programs.

SoCalREN’s enrolled public agencies have saved more than $2.2 million during 2020, through projects as simple as installing LED bulbs and as complex as a water system overhaul. Some of the most impactful projects include:

  • The City of Moreno Valley purchased more than 9,000 streetlights from its local utility and then retrofitted them with LED bulbs. The project—backed with over $1 million in incentives—will save the city approximately $395,000 annually.

  • Water system pumping upgrades by the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District cut energy costs by 35 percent. Fueled by a $173,000 incentive, the district replaced six blowers with two higher efficiency models, reducing air usage and energy costs. Savings are estimated to exceed $174,000 per year.

  • The Alhambra Unified School District leveraged a $42,855 incentive for annual savings of more than $75,000 through energy-efficient equipment and process upgrades at two of its high schools.

“In a year where belts have gotten a lot tighter, it’s heartening to see that investing in energy-efficiency projects continues to provide meaningful savings all over our state,” said Minh Le, GM, Energy, and Environmental Services, Los Angeles County Internal Services Department. “The best choice for our planet is also the best thing for our budgets.”

Learn more about how SoCalREN is helping public agencies on the path toward cost savings and greater sustainability at
Residential Program
The goal of the SoCalREN Multifamily Program is to deliver reportable energy savings by identifying and implementing comprehensive and cost-effective EE projects while filling gaps in services provided by the IOUs. SoCalREN provides a variety of services to both properties and contractors engaged with the Multifamily Program. Ongoing technical, project management, communications, and tenant education support help bring the large-scale projects associated with whole-building retrofits to completion.

Residential Program Q4 Accomplishments
  • Created and produced a Trade Ally Report, which allows us to monitor the contractors’ project and progress to help them succeed in the program.

  • Enrolled two new contractors to the program.

  • Generated nine new project Assessment Reports in Q4.

  • Improved our accuracy forecasting project volume and energy savings due to increased frequency and effectiveness of contractor interactions.

  • Continued “Better than Ever” ad placement in various apartment publications.

Considering COVID-19, the Multifamily Program developed a new program initiative, Comprehensive Common Area (CCA) to certify properties could still add value and reduce maintenance costs. The CCA approach helps properties enjoy the benefits of an EE upgrade while minimizing contractor and staff interaction with tenants. The Multifamily Program also developed COVID-19 letters and door hangers to help Participating Contractors and Property Owners inform tenants about the safety measures being followed.

For more information on Multifamily Programs and resources please visit
Workforce Education and Training Program
The County of Los Angeles and SoCalREN recently launched an innovative, new workforce development program designed to help Transition Age Youth or At Risk Youth develop skills to launch careers in EE in California. With a rapidly growing need for skilled workers in the industry, the Green Path Careers Program offers a unique opportunity for at-risk young adults to earn certifications, learn life skills, and receive guidance and support from industry experts. Specific participation benefits include:

  • Guidance and support during enrollment and throughout participation.

  • Personal enrichment training to help participants gain valuable life skills, including goal setting and managing personal finances.

  • Technical training and education to prepare students to complete certification with the Building Performance Institute—a respected organization that sets the standard for professionals in the EE industry.

  • Paid work experience with local companies working in EE.

  • Upon completion of the program, the Green Path Careers team will help participants develop a professional resume, prepare for interviews, and provide other support, as needed, during the job application process.

Green Path Careers planned to enroll an initial cohort of at least 10 youth in 2020, with four cohorts of 20 following in 2021. The virtual program kick-off was held on October 29, 2020, with nearly 60 partners from social service agencies, local community government, and others in attendance. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and local partners are enthusiastic about the possibilities the program can bring for local at-risk youth.
The County of Los Angeles’s partners in developing and launching Green Path Careers are:

Learn more at
News and Updates
2019 Annual Report

SoCalREN’s portfolio has delivered strategies motivating customers to adopt more comprehensive EE approaches, characterized by deeper, longer-lasting savings. These EE strategies have, over time, provided a meaningful suite of benefits to the market sectors SoCalREN serves. In 2019, SoCalREN continued implementation of several successful programs and launched several new programs to address customers’ needs. To read more about achieving meaningful results and satisfaction across SoCalREN’s EE portfolio, check out the 2019 SoCalREN Annual Report here

SoCalREN is learning to adapt and follow the guidance of Governor Newsom’s Stay at Home Order while continuing to provide EE programs and services to residents, businesses, and public agencies. The health and safety of the communities we serve and the employees helping us implement our programs is of utmost priority. We are committed to ensuring our customers and employees stay safe and healthy. SoCalREN has developed guidelines for implementation of EE programs through this unprecedented time, so we can continue to fulfill California Public Utilities Commission directives to the Regional Energy Networks. SoCalREN has taken a range of actions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. For information about impacts to SoCalREN programs related to COVID-19, please visit our updates page.
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