SoCalREN Quarterly Update
September 2021 | Q3
The Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN) is a Program Administrator that provides energy efficiency programs and services to residents, businesses, and public agencies. SoCalREN serves customers located in the areas that receive electricity from Southern California Edison (SCE) and/or gas from SoCalGas®—encompassing 12 counties and a population of over 20 million. We invite you to read below about each program’s successes and new initiatives.

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Enroll Today: SoCalREN Kits for Kids Program
The new SoCalREN Kits for Kids Program introduces fourth-grade students from participating schools to energy efficiency! Students perform an interactive scavenger hunt and play games to learn how they, and their families, can save money and improve their comfort and safety at home. Each kit will include two LED bulbs, one efficient-flow showerhead, and two faucet aerators. If 65% of students install the energy-efficient items and provide proof of installation, enrolled classrooms are eligible to receive a $1,000 grant.

How it Works

  • Schools and teachers receive information about the Program, and teachers enroll their classrooms at

  • Students take home their kits with energy-efficient items, installation instructions, and educational activities.

  • Once families have installed the items, students will return their installation verification cards to their teacher, and classrooms can receive up to a $1,000 grant.

This new Program provides great benefits to students, teachers, and families by informing them about the importance of energy efficiency. Learn more at or email us at  
ReEnergizing Communities Episodes Three and Four: AB 841 Part One and Two
SoCalREN’s third and fourth episodes were just released! For episode number 3 of ReEnergizing Communities, Jay Kim from the Colton Joint Unified School District joins host Chris Ford to discuss Assembly Bill 841 and the School Energy Efficiency Stimulus Program that was created as a result of its passage. Kim discusses the impact of this Program on both his district and other school districts in the process of reopening, as well as how to take advantage of the available resources to upgrade HVAC systems in schools and improve overall energy efficiency.

For episode number 4 of ReEnergizing Communities, Christine Marez of Cumming Corporation joins host Chris Ford to also discuss Assembly Bill 841 and the School Energy Efficiency Stimulus Program. Marez discusses energy-related challenges schools are facing during the pandemic, which types of projects districts should prioritize with state and federal funding, and the specific steps districts should take to obtain grant funding.

We are always interested in hearing new ideas and connecting with individuals. To submit ideas, topics, or potential guests for future episodes, please click here. To listen to the podcast, please click here
Public Agency Programs
City of Santa Monica Reduces Energy Usage by Over 40% in Parking Garage Project

SoCalREN Public Agency Programs offer multiple programs to meet the energy efficiency and sustainability needs of public agencies across Southern California. In April 2021, the City of Santa Monica completed a lighting retrofit project through SoCalREN’s Metered Savings Program at four parking garages. Taking less than two months to complete construction, the city retrofitted fluorescent lighting fixtures to energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures with motion and occupancy sensors. Overall, the project resulted in an average of 43.6% reduction in energy use at the parking garages, while improving safety by making the parking areas brighter and easier to see.
The project qualified for SoCalREN’s Metered Savings Program and our full suite of project delivery services by having 10% energy savings at the meter. Through this program, the city will receive support from SoCalREN even after the project has been completed, including energy usage tracking to ensure persistent energy savings. We are very proud of what we have accomplished with Santa Monica since they enrolled in SoCalREN in 2013 and thank them for continuing to be a leader in sustainability!

Check out the Project Details:
  • Average 43.6% reduction in energy usage
  • Measures upgraded: interior LED lighting and motion/occupancy sensors
  • $427,000+ lifetime cost savings
  • Average measure estimated useful life: 15 years
  • 445,000+ kWh in annual energy savings
  • Greenhouse gas emission reductions are equivalent to 68 cars taken off the road per year

For more information on SoCalREN’s Metered Savings Program, visit
Residential Program
No Cost Resource Available to Contractors: SoCalREN Energy Efficiency Learning Center

Participating Contractors can benefit from the SoCalREN Energy Efficiency Learning Center (EELC). The EELC is available for Participating Contractors at no cost, allowing them to participate in e-learning courses at their own pace from the comfort and safety of their home or office. Participating Contractors can access the SoCalREN EELC as a Program benefit at no cost. The EELC offers an expanding catalog of courses in a variety of categories including HVAC, Sales and Marketing, Commercial Energy Efficiency, Continuing Education Units, Building Performance Institute (BPI), Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), and North American Technician Excellence (NATE).

All these accredited courses can be found in the EELC. Currently, there are more than 80 active courses available.

For more information on Multifamily Programs and resources, visit
Workforce Education and Training Program
Healthy Stores Refrigeration Program (HSRP) and the Workforce Education and Training (WET)

The County of Los Angeles HSRP funds energy-efficient refrigerators for corner stores and small business grocers in low-income, low-access areas. The refrigerators provided are ENERGY STAR certified units with the lowest hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants to ensure energy efficiency and the lowest global warming potential. HSRP also helps store owners provide healthy food options by stocking California-grown healthy food and provides educational materials to store owners on successfully sourcing, marketing, and selling healthy, perishable products.
HSRP, through the County of Los Angeles, partners with the SoCalREN WET Program to place locally trained, at-risk youth in jobs created through the HSRP program. Working with SoCalREN’s Green Path Career Program and in partnership with LAC’s Workforce Development Aging and Community Services (WDACS), two Green Path Career trained interns began work in August with The Energy Coalition, an implementation partner managing outreach and implementation of HSRP.  
Daniel Dajer and Daniel Carpena began work through Youth Work Experience and On the Job Training programs available through the County. Both interns are active in the field, supporting outreach and store-owner engagement for the program. Interns are putting valuable energy-efficiency training into action and are learning critical relationship management and other technical energy skills that will support their future careers.
“Being able to help the communities I grew up in alongside The Energy Coalition is an amazing experience! Allowing opportunities for younger generations to grow in an area with healthier dieting options, hopefully decreasing the percentage of early-onset health diseases.” Daniel Dajer
“I enjoy the work I’m doing because I know it’s meaningful to the community and helps to promote a healthier lifestyle to the people of the community.” Daniel Carpena

The communities HSRP serves have limited access to affordable and nutritious food. Often, these “food desert” communities are also disproportionately affected by poverty, pollution, and other challenges that have made them even more vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19. Furthermore, small business grocers in these communities may not have the time, money, or specialized knowledge to address the challenges that face the communities they serve. The County of Los Angeles HSRP fills these resource gaps by helping participating stores reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, save money on energy bills, recycle their old refrigeration units at no cost, reduce pollution in areas most affected by it, contribute to the health of their community, and ultimately educate their community on the benefits of healthy food options and energy efficiency.

News and Updates

The health and safety of the communities we serve and the employees helping us implement our programs is of utmost priority. We are committed to ensuring our customers and employees stay safe and healthy. SoCalREN has developed guidelines for implementation of energy efficiency programs through this unprecedented time, so we can continue to fulfill California Public Utilities Commission directives to the Regional Energy Networks. SoCalREN has taken a range of actions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. For information about impacts to SoCalREN programs related to COVID-19, please visit our updates page.
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