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June 21, 2017
Indicators Shows Madison County Continues to Prosper

The Trent Lott Center prepared and presented the annual Madison County Economic Indicators report to the Madison County Economic Development Authority. Additionally, Kristen Mitchell (MSED Graduate Intern) presented the report to the Madison County Business League & Foundation. The report shows that Madison County continues to have the highest per capita income i n the state ($57,964 versus $39,665). 

Madison County had a 4% job growth over the last year, adding over 2,169 jobs, whereas the state average was 0.8% and national average was 1.3%.  This growth was led by the information industry followed by administration & support, and waste management/remediation services . A 10-year population growth or 19% makes Madison County the the fastest growing county in the Jackson MSA. The Madison County workforce is close to an equal split between residents and commuters. Total gross sales also increased 5% with retail sales increasing by 10% between 2015 to 2016. The report was prepared by graduate assistant Imran Ahmed and research analyst Heather Brown. 
MML Offering CMO Credits to Elected Officials for the True South Basic Economic Development Course

The Mississippi Municipal League has shown its commitment to economic development again this year by granting 2 CMO credits to its members that attend this year's True South Basic Economic Development Course. In addition, s cholarships are available to eligible individuals who fall into three categories: elected officials, new economic development practitioner, and non-economic development professionals who provide support to economic developers in the state. More information regarding scholarships can be found here

The 2017 IEDC accredited True South Basic Economic Development Course scheduled for September 11-14 at USM's Trent Lott National Center in Hattiesburg will include nationally recognized economic development practitioners. 

True South Basic Economic Development Course targets working professionals interested in economic development fundamentals and graduate students pursuing a Master of Science in Economic Development. It is IEDC accredited and covers topics such as trends in community development, managing economic development organizations, marketing and attraction, business retention and expansion, ethics in economic development, entrepreneurship, workforce development and strategic planning. 
New Book! USM Research Professor Addresses Economic Development in Low-Income Communities

Dr. Mark Miller, Professor of Geography, has published a new book entitled Economic Development for Everyone: Creating Jobs, Growing Businesses, and Building Resilience in Low-Income Communities (2017, Published by Routledge). It addresses the fundamental question, " How do we create employment, grow businesses, and build greater economic resilience in our low-income communities today, including rural towns, inner-city neighborhoods, aging suburbs, and lagging regions such as Appalachia, American Indian reservations, the Mexican border, and the Mississippi Delta?"
This book collects, organizes, and reviews in a single source much of the current research available on creating economic development in low-income communities. Part One offers an overview of the harsh realities facing low-income communities in the US today: their many economic and social challenges, debates on whether to try reviving local economies vs. relocating residents, and current trends in economic development that emphasize high-tech industry and high levels of human capital. In response, Part Two organizes the sprawling literature of applied economic development research into a practical framework of five action-oriented dimensions: empower your residents, beginning with basic education; enhance your community by building on existing assets; encourage your entrepreneurs; diversify your economy; and sustain your development. 
Mark M. Miller is a professor of Geography at the University of Southern Mississippi, with a specialty in economic development and low-income communities. He has pursued his research interests across Mississippi and the South, as well as Arizona, Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Jamaica, and Nunavut focused on economic development in rural communities.
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