Private landowners play an important role in sustaining New Hampshire's wildlife.
Southern NH Landowners Needed to Create Young Forest Habitat

Since 2009, NHFG's Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program has been working to create a network of restored shrublands and young forest for the benefit of wildlife that need this habitat to thrive.   Much of this habitat has disappeared in the last half-century, as farms that were abandoned have either transitioned to a more mature forest structure, or have been converted to development. There has also been a long-term decline in shrub wetland habitat, often created by beaver activity throughout the New Hampshire landscape. This large-scale landscape transition has led to a serious decline in species such as, among others, the New England cottontail, Ruffed grouse, and American woodcock; various songbirds such as the Whippoorwill, Chestnut-sided warbler and Eastern towhee; and reptiles such as the Black racer and Smooth green snakes.
NH Fish and Game is recruiting landowners who may be interested in helping us create more shrubland and young forest, with New England cottontail work being focused in the Seacoast and Merrimack Valley areas, and additional habitat projects desired throughout southern New Hampshire. We are looking for landowners with forested tracts, especially those over 20 acres in size, or fields they would like to transition into shrublands, who may be interested in implementing habitat restoration work. We are especially interested in landowners that already have a forest management plan in place, although we can also provide contacts for foresters that can help guide this initial step in the process. Funding is often available for this habitat restoration work.
For more information, please contact Tom Brightman, Wildlife Habitat Biologist, at or 603-271-5860.
Ice Fishing   
This cold and windy weather reminds us that ice fishing season is still on!
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Maple Syrup Season

Have you tapped your trees yet?  Amateur (and professionals) might be interested in this informative blog from UNH Cooperative Extension that explains what the different grades and colors of maple syrup.  Happy Boiling!

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Download the Operation Land Share  participation agreement form and mail in with your request,  
If you're already enrolled in the program, just call or email with your request, 603-271-1137,   

Operation Game Thief
Operation Game Thief

Protect New Hampshire's Natural Resources - Report Wildlife Law Violators!
Operation Game Thief is a silent witness, anti-poaching program that encourages the public to report any suspicious activity or knowledge about a poaching violation.    
Report Violations: 1-800-344-4262 or .
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