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Southern Refreshements Tucker GA Driver Willie Dixon Dexes Vending Machine
Driver Willie Dixon DEXes a machine.
Southern Refreshment Services, a Tucker, Ga.-based vending, micro market and refreshment services provider, has improved the accuracy of its pre-kitting and gained better visibility of its vending inventory by introducing Gimme Vending iPads to its routes. The Atlanta, Ga. area company is replacing its handhelds with iPads that allow drivers to download DEX data via Bluetooth from the machines. The system easily integrates with the existing vending management software (VMS) programs and provides Southern Refreshment Services with better cash and inventory accountability. 
The driver plugs the key into the DEX port and links the key to the machine. The iPad can then DEX the machine through the Bluetooth connection. Once saved and synced on the iPad, the data is sent to the cloud, then to the company's VMS.  The app screen shows the drivers the exact quantities to load for each machine. The route schedule screen shows the driver which machines need service. Because the data is sent to the VMS via the iPad's cellular connection, the picking operation does not have to wait for the handheld to return to the office to download the data. The pre-kitting process takes place earlier in the day, making the picking operation more efficient.The pre-kit quantities are determined by the operator's vending management system, which in Southern Refreshment Services' case is Crane Streamware.

365 Payment App
Vending consumers can use the 365Pay app to access product information and make purchases .

365 Retail Markets announced its new cashless platform, 365 Inside, an easy-to-install, hardware add-on device for vending machines. The combination of the device and the 365Pay app creates a seamless cashless payment, reporting and communications structure, as well as wireless real-time alerts, operational and nutritional data.  Vending operators can use the 365 Inside app to connect with the hardware device on their own mobile devices to accomplish tasks such as u pdate inventory, p ull DEX files and a djust planogram and product inventory and locations.

Snack Dot Payment App
SnackDot software allows micro markets for little cost.

SnackDot, a vending services provider in San Antonio, Texas, has created software that allows refreshment service operators to provide micro markets with considerably less investment than other micro markets. No proprietary hardware is needed. Operators pay a $30 monthly fee and a 3 percent commission on sales with no other startup costs.

Once an operator subscribes to the SnackDot service, they can place an iPad tablet running the SnackDot Kiosk app, or a QR code sign near their product display. Customers can then check out on the iPad or download the SnackDot mobile app on their mobile device to check out. Upon first checkout, customers establish accounts that allow them to pay using their credit cards.

Android Pay
Android Pay is one of several payment options Vendwatch allows.
Vendwatch Telematics announced the addition of Android Pay to its VM Pay cashless vending machine payment solution. Android Pay is a service from Google that allows users to make secure cashless purchases with their Android phone. The VM Pay solution provides vending customers the choice of mobile purchases using Android Pay, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, as well as traditional credit cards and smart cards.
"We believe Android Pay will have a positive impact on vending machine sales and the vending industry in general," says Mark McAuley, sales director at Vendwatch Telematics. "While consumers are carrying less cash these days and may leave their credit cards at home, they always have their mobile phone handy. With Android Pay and other mobile payment solutions, the cash register is always open."
The VM Pay solution is one of several products within the Vendmine intelligent vending platform, an integrated suite of intelligent vending products focused on automation and increased profits.
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