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2017 Timber Tax Tips Now Available from the US Forest Service 

It's nearly that time of year again when a forest landowner's thoughts turn to one thing.  We aren't referring to cranberry sauce or Christmas decorations, but rather to the dreaded timber tax season. Fortunately, Dr. Linda Wang, Timber Tax Specialist with the USDA Forest Service, has once again prepared an annual list of timber tax tips for the season!

Virginia Tech Extension Forester Contributes to Urban Wood Utilization Report

Dr. Eric Wiseman, Extension forester and professor at Virginia Tech University, recently collaborated with researchers at Dovetail Partners Inc. to produce 
Urban Wood Utilization in Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia:
A Comparison of Industry Practices and Perceptions. The report concerns the fate of  trees that are removed from private yards, small wooded lots, and municipally owned areas. Although these trees represent a substantial wood volume, that wood has often been thrown away rather than utilized. Recently, however, this approach has been undergoing a shift, with increasing awareness of the magnitude of wood being wasted and the potential for better use of this raw material.
Kentucky Forestry Extension 
Publishes 12 New Publications for Small Woodland Owners

Owners of small woodlands are just as in need of quality information as owners of vast forests. With that in mind, Kentucky Forestry Extension has partnered with the Kentucky Division of Forestry to produce the Small Woodlands, Big Opportunities Series of twelve fact sheets designed to address the needs of smaller acreages (typically fewer than 10).  These fact sheets cover a variety of topics and include references for those seeking additional information on a given subject. Topics include non-timber forest products, firewood, planting tree seedlings, and more. 

SREF Extension Forest Health Coordinator Participates in Georgia Landowner Academy

Dr. Dave Coyle, coordinator of our Forest Health and Invasive Species Outreach and Education Initiative (FHIS) recently participated in the Fall 2017 Georgia Landowner Academy (GLA), a  collaborative project between the Georgia Heirs Property Law Center, NRCS, Golden Triangle Resource Conservation and Development Council in Blakely, Southern Regional Extension Forestry, FSA, Georgia Forestry Commission, and Fort Valley State University. Dr. Coyle was present on November 14, 2017 for the graduation of 30 landowners, all of whom received information on heirs property and how owning heirs property can be a barrier to qualifying for programs to improve one's land in addition to other important management and financial advice. Go to the second page of the Golden Triangle Resource Conservation and Development Council's newsletter after the link to read more.

Exciting New Extension Forestry Video Project Needs Your Input

Although private forests are an essential part of the United States' culture and economy, relatively few people are aware of their importance. A new project from partners at the Center for Private Forests at Penn State, US Department of Agriculture, Southern Regional Extension Forestry, National Woodland Owners Association, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, University of Arkansas Extension, Oregon State University Extension, and the Association of Consulting Foresters and others is working to change that through a campaign consisting of 10 digital short video stories, each lasting approximately 5 to 10 minutes. This video project, entitled Caretakers of the Forest, will treat issues affecting private forests and their caretakers and seek to educate and equip both current and future landowners and stakeholders to make informed, effective decisions to sustain this vital resource.  The directors of the project are asking you to choose ten issues that you think would make a compelling story to highlight private forest lands around the nation.

If you have questions about this project or would like further information, please contact Allyson Muth ( or 800-235-9473).

Urban Forestry Institute Natural Disaster Preparation & Response Conference to Be Held in Tampa

After the major weather events in the United States in 2017, improving natural disaster preparation and response is on the minds of all Extension professionals. We invite those whose interests include urban forestry to attend the Florida Urban Forestry Council's 2018 Urban Forestry Institute Natural Disaster Preparation and Response Conference February 5-7, 2018 in Tampa, Florida. The conference will equip urban tree managers to  effectively prepare for the inevitable, respond to unmitigable risk, and aid cities in their rebuilding efforts. 

Registration Opens for Second National Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy Workshop

All Extension professionals working in wildland fire and prescribed fire are welcome to register and submit workshop sessions or presentations for the 2nd Annual National Cohesive Wildland Strategy Workshop. The Workshop will be held in March 26-29, 2018 in Reno, Nevada and will bring together a diverse group of wildland fire professionals from all around the United States. Participants will work to build capacity and improve preparedness while learning from each other about how to make the Cohesive Strategy work.

Looking for Last Minute Forestry or Logging Credits? All Fall Forest Health Webinars Now Available on Demand

 Want to learn about the most pressing issues in Southern forest health while finishing up your CEU credits for the year? You're in luck! The Southern Forest Health and Invasive Species Outreach and Education Program (FHIS) Fall 2017 webinar series is now available to view on demand for CEUs from the American Society of Foresters and many logging organizations. Topics include hardwood management, fall cankerworm, and privet management. All past webinars all also still available on demand.

Eastern Seed Zone Forum Seeks Extension Input in Developing Seed Zones

The US Forest Service is looking for folks with expertise in forestry, tree nursery management, plant biology, conservation, genetics, climate science, and other related disciplines to help craft seed preliminary seed zone maps for the eastern United States. Join one of the Eastern Seed Zone Forum's 8 seed zone teams, who will be using their expertise to draw seed zone maps for discussion at the Eastern Seed Zone Summit. The Summit will bring experts from around the US to Lexington, Kentucky on May 8-9, 2018 for a working meeting where participants will discuss the creation of publishable seed zone suggestions. Don't be left out of the conversation!

Extension Resources & Summary Report Available from Southern Extension Natural Resources & Forestry Advance

Resources from this year's Southern Extension Natural Resource and Forestry Advance, held October 10-11 in at Cheaha State Park in Delta, Alabama, are now available to view and download. These resources include a detailed summary of the proceedings of the Advance, photographs, presentations from the event's speakers, and Extension publications relevant to the state of Extension forestry in the South today. All Extension natural resource professionals who could not attend the event are encouraged to read the summary to gain insight into the most pressing issues, challenges, and opportunities in the region in areas such as forest health, wildfire, landowner engagement, urban and community forestry,  wildland fire, wood and forest products, and wildlife management. 
  CLN/REACCH Webinar: Nutrient Management and Precision Application Technology
  AL: Alabama's Forest Lands (Master Naturalist)
  UK Webinar: Tree and Log Grading Introduction
  CLN/ANREP Webinar: The CONSERVE Program: Transdisciplinary Research, Extension, and Education at the Nexus of Sustainable Water Reuse, Food and Health
  MS: Forestry Ethics
  AL: Winter Scavenger Hunt on the Longleaf Trail
  LA: 2017 Tree Camp: Exam Review
  GA: 11th SOFOR GIS Conference
  CLN/REACCH Webinar: Tillage and Residue Management Systems and Impacts on Soil Health in Drylands
  GA: Deer Ecology & Management
  FL: Cold Tolerant Citrus Production for the Southeastern Coastal Plain
  FL: Cold Tolerant Citrus Production for the Southeastern Coastal Plain
  LA: Managing Veteran Trees
  UK Webinar: Deer Management 101
  LA: Tree Detectives
  FL: Is Conservation Right for Your Land?
  FL: FireVision 20/20: A 20 Year Reflection and Look into the Future: 7th International Fire Ecology & Management Congress 
  UK Webinar: There's an App for That: Forest Engagement Through Citizen Science
  VA: Virginia Forest Health Conference
  FL: Small Scale Mushroom Production
  AL: Alabama Soils, Geology, & Weather
  NC: Buncombe County Envirothon
  VA:  14th Annual Landowners Wood & WIldlife Conference

TX: Forest Health: Southern Pine Beetle, Pine Engraver Beetle, or Ips Bark Beetle?

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