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SREF Award Winner: Alabama Extension BioBlitz 2016

Alabama Cooperative Extension (ACES)'s BioBlitz 2016 was a  hands-on event where participants had the opportunity to learn about local biodiversity while working alongside scientists to survey plants, birds, fish, insects, and other wildlife in an attempt to record all the living species found within an area during a specified period. Congratulations to Drs. John Kushla and Becky Barlow and graduate student Seth Hunt for organizing this great program, which won an SREF Silver Award for Excellence in the Conference or Program Organization category. (ACES also hosted a 2017 BioBlitz on April 1.) 

SREF Award Winner: Invasive Insects of Concern to Georgia

An important guide for protecting Georgia against forest health threats, Invasive Insects of Concern to Georgia offers landowners a detailed overview of invasive insect species to watch out for. Congratulations to contributors  Chuck Bargeron, Elizabeth Moss, Dr. Keith Douce, Joe LaForest,  Dr. David Moorhead, and Dr. Michael Toews, who share this SREF Silver Award for Excellence in the Category of Extension Publications. 

University of Kentucky Forestry Extension to Host Woodland Owners Short Course Series

Loblolly pine trees
Make plans to join Forestry Extension at the University of Kentucky for the 2017 Woodland Owners Short Course (WOSC) or share the event with forest landowners in the region! This program is a great opportunity for landowners to enhance their woodlands and get the most from their ownership experience.  Dates are  Aug 12 for the eastern region, August 26 for western Kentucky, and September 23 for central Kentucky.

New Extension Fact Sheet: Pine Bark Beetles in Arkansas

Arkansas forests are home to two native species of pine trees and 5 types of bark beetle that prey on them. Check out the latest publication by our colleagues at Arkansas Extension Forestry to learn how to identify these devastating insects and minimize potential damage. 

New ProForest Website Promotes Collaboration and Dialogue between Researchers, Landowners, and Extension

The website for the Proactive Forest Health and Resilience initiative (ProForest) is now online!   ProForest is a multi-institutional initiative that brings together specialists from diverse fields in order to promote forest health and resilience through collaborative research, Extension and education. Of particular note for Extensionists is ProForest's focus on p romoting collaboration and dialogue between researchers and forest owners, managers and users. Check out the site for resources and ways to get involved!
Eastern Seed Zone Forum's 6th Webinar & Discussion Hour: Learn How to Apply Ecological Subdivisions to Seed Zone Creation

Join us and the USDA Forest Service Reforestation, Nurseries, and Genetics Resources team August 23 at 11 AM EST for the sixth discussion about what it will take to create seed zone guidelines for the eastern United States. Dr. Greg Nowacki, Regional Ecologist, Acting Soil Program Leader, USDA Forest Service, will deliver a presentation on how to use and understand ecological subdivisions in relation to the development of seed zones. These guidelines will serve as tools for improved collaboration and partnership in the region.

Dr. Dave Coyle Brings Hands-On Forest Health Education to Extension and State Professionals

The Forest Health and Invasive Species Outreach and Education Program (FHIS)'s coordinator, Dr. David Coyle, spent summer 2017 bringing forest health training to forestry, natural resource, and Extension professionals across the southeastern United States. He helped organize and spoke at 5 well-attended workshops in 3 states: South Carolina, Virginia, and Alabama.  
Observations of Southern Foresters Offer Insights into Continuing Education Program Development

 Recently, Dr Mark Megalos of NCSU Forestry Extension, Dr. Rachel Greene of Mississippi State University, and Hilary Morris of South Atlantic LLC worked with SREF's Leslie Boby and Dr. Bill Hubbard to produce  Southern Foresters' Observations of Threats to Forest Health and Implications for Continuing Education. This publication details data from a recent survey of southern foresters and describes survey results relevant to creating effective continuing education programs in the southeastern US. 
Webinar Connects Extension Agents Working in Sustainability to National Database

 Are you interested in leading a sustainability-focused Extension program, but aren't sure what topics are already being covered? Do you want to learn who else is programming in this area so that you can learn from or collaborate with them? Perhaps you already are leading a program but may feel alone in your efforts. With the help of a new national database of sustainability-focused Extension programs, connecting or getting inspired is easy! The database includes over 170 entries with 41 states represented. Join the Climate Learning Network on August 3 at 3 PM EST for a webinar in which Dr. Roslynn Brain McCann, Extension Specialist at Utah State University,  will walk participants through how to access and use the database and give some great examples of sustainability-focused Extension programs across the US.
Register Now for 4th Biennial Shortleaf Pine Conference

Join SREF staff and other foresters, biologists, researchers, industry partners, and landowners for the 4th Biennial Shortleaf Pine Conference October 3-5, 2017, at Stockton Seaview Hotel in Galloway, New Jersey.
Surrounded by New Jersey's own Pine Barrens, the conference will feature sessions by 20+ shortleaf experts and an in-person look at forest restoration and land management practices. 

Reminder:  Register Now for Our 2017 Southern Extension Forestry Retreat

We're looking forward to seeing you at our retreat for southeastern Extension forestry professionals this October 11-12 at beautiful Cheaha State Park in Delta, Alabama! Don't forget to register soon and book your room, cabin, chalet, as October is a popular month for state parks!

  AL: Managing Wild Pig Damage
  CLN/CSI Webinar: The Extension Sustainability Database: Connect with Your Colleagues on a National Level
  TX: Exploring the Urban Forest
  AL: Estate Planning for Landowners
  AR: Feral Hogs & Wildlife Plots
  VA:  Forest Site Assessment and Planning
  GA: Wildlife Management
  KY: East Woodland Owners Short Course
   VA: Mid-Atlantic Urban Wood Forum
   FL: Basic Wildland Firefighter Training
  VA: Southwest Virginia Beginning Landowners Weekend Retreat
  NC: Project Learning Tree K-8 Workshop
  VA: Preparing for Generation NEXT
  Southern Fire Exchange Webinar: The Path Back: Oaks Facilitating Longleaf Pine Seedling Success on Xeric Sites 
The Use of the National Hierarchical Framework of Ecological Units for Seed Zone Demarcation
  GA: Recreational Pond Management
  NC: Project Learning Tree K-8 Professional Development Workshop
  TX: Tree Care Seminar
  KY: West Woodland Owners Short Course
  VA: Online Woodland Options Field Trip
  LA: Louisiana Forestry Association Annual Meeting 2017
  KY: West Woodland Owners Short Course
  FL: 2017 Florida Forestry Association Annual Meeting & Trade Show
  Forest Health Webinar: Privet Biology and Management in Southeastern Forests

  TX: Nature of Things Lecture Series - Incorporating Native Plants
  VA: Tree Farm Tour & Dinner
  TN: Forest Research Overview Gathering

  AL: Managing Wild Pig Damage
  TX:  Exploring the Urban Forest 
  GA: Conservation Easements for Forest Landowners & Their Advisers
  VA: Southeast Virginia Beginning Landowners Weekend Retreat
  KY: Central Woodland Owners Short Course

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