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Extension Professionals Attend 
S outhern Forestry & Natural Resources Advance

Extension Professionals & Partners from 10 Southern States Attended the Advance 
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Around 60 Extension forestry and natural resource professionals gathered on October 10-11, 2017 at Cheaha State Park in Delta, Alabama for our Southern Extension Forestry and Natural Resources Advance. The event focused on strengthening regional partnerships, identifying multi-state opportunities, and exploring the needs of stakeholders in the South. The group spent time listening to Extension and forestry administrators, federal and regional partner updates and participated in a workshop designed to improve regional programming and impact. The event also offered the opportunity for Extension professionals to work on common strategic programming areas such as urban forestry, wildland fire, wood products, forest economics and taxation, wildlife management, engaging forest owners and forest health. A summary report and breakout group results will be provided to Extension colleagues in the Southern region with the understanding that this document can serve as a base for enhanced regional programming and impact.

Income Tax Deduction Guide for Landowners with Storm-Damaged Trees

Landowners that have lost timber or landscape trees due to the recent hurricanes and tropical storms will find useful information in this recent publication by Dr. Linda Wang, National Timber Tax specialist at the US Forest Service.  Timber or landscape trees destroyed by hurricane, fire, earthquake, ice, hail, tornado, and other storms are "casualty losses" that may allow the property owners to take a deduction on their federal income tax returns. The key for most cases is to figure out the "adjusted basis" of the timber.

University of Kentucky Forestry Extension Fall Webinar Series: 
Mushrooms, Deer, & More

The University of Kentucky's Forestry Extension program recently began offering its late fall webinar series this year with "Identifying Kentucky's Trees" on October 26 at 7 PM ET. This series will continue November 2 with "Mushrooms and More from Your Woodlands" and conclude December 7 with  "Tree and Log Grading Introduction." Other webinars in the series,  "Deer Management 101" and "There's an App for That: Forestry Engagement through Citizen Science," will air November 21 and November 28, respectively.  These are excellent opportunities to gain a lot of information in a short period of time!  Archived versions are available for all past webinars.

University of Florida Extension Forester
Offers Unique Approach to Learning Math

Dr. Jason Smith, Associate Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Florida, and his work on bark beetles were featured in the October issue of Scholastic's DynaMath, a publication that brings math to kids in fun and innovative ways. The issue is a great fusion of forest health and mathematics that should both entertain and instruct elementary school students. 


Dr. Mike Mengak, Associate Dean for Outreach, and Wildlife Specialist at the  University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, will be speaking at a number of locations in Georgia during November and December of 2017 to bring awareness to the state's feral swine problem. Feral swine have become increasingly detrimental in Georgia, causing significant damage to agricultural crops and natural resources throughout the state. The economic impact of damage caused by feral swine in Georgia last year is estimated at $150 million. Dates and locations are listed after the link.

Virginia Tech Extension Foresters Provide Leadership for 9 Beginning Appalachian Forest Farming Coalition Videos

Dr. John Munsell, and Holly Chittum are among several partners from Virginia Tech and other organizations who have utilized federal grants to start  The Appalachian Forest Farming Coalition,  a group founded to educate, train, and support beginning forest farmers.  This effort has been busy creating a variety of video presentations and hosting a number of workshops this year. Follow the link to find a playlist of 9 of their most recent videos, all uploaded within the last 3 months. Videos include "What is forest farming," two-part presentations on goldenseal and elderberry syrup, and two interviews with practicing forest farmers. 
Miss the Most Recent  Shortleaf Pine Conference?  No Worries, we've got you Covered!

The 4th Biennial Shortleaf Pine Conference, which was held October 3-5, 2017 in Galloway NJ, featured lectures from many high profile researchers, industry professionals, and policy makers interested in restoring shortleaf pine in its native 22-state range. Most of these presentations are now available to view on the Shortleaf Pine Initiative's YouTube channel. Speakers include Dr. Jim Guldin, Supervisory Research Ecologist at the US Forest Service Southern Research Station, Wally Akins of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, and Ron Myers, Forest Management Chief at NC Forest Service. Playlists are available for Day 1 and Day 2

Prescribed Fire Outreach Assessment - The Verdict Is In

Fire Adapted Communities core staff member Lenya Quinn-Davidson, SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group Coordinator Jennifer Fawcett, and SREF Extension Associates Holly Campbell and Leslie Boby  wanted to know if natural resource professionals were willing and able to conduct more prescribed fire outreach, and if so, what resources they already had, and what they needed in order to do more. The recent survey they conducted suggests that not only do they want to share and do more, but they want to do so in a big way! 
Hardwood Forest Management for Health & Productivity Webinar 

Join SREF's Southern Forest Health and Invasive Species Outreach and Education Program (FHIS) for its last webinar this year! On November 1, 2017 at 1 PM ET,  Dr. Wayne Clatterbuck,  Professor of Silviculture and Forest Management, University of Tennessee. will discuss hardwood forest management for the health and productivity of private forest land. 

Extension Learning Opportunity: Exploring the Focal Point Seed Zone Approach

Join the Eastern Seed Zone Forum November 15, 2017 at 1 PM for its final webinar of the year. Dr. William H. Parker will explain the focal point seed zone (FPSZ) approach. FPSZ assumes that a unique set of best adapted seed sources exists for any single planting site (the focal point). Using the focal point seed zone approach, an individual site to be reforested becomes the focal point, and a unique seed procurement zone is established for that site using GIS methodology. The short-term common garden approach of Jerry Rehfeldt, showing seedling growth pattern of conifers is linked with climate of seed origin, was adapted for FPSZ basic data procurement so that seed sources adapted to hypothetical future climates may be identified and utilized in reforestation efforts.

Extension Webinar to Present Strategies for Teaching Effective Water Management

Producers in the Ogallala aquifer region are simultaneously facing serious challenges related to water and an explosion of new information available on efficient irrigation and crop management. In Kansas, Nebraska and Texas, popular outreach programs are helping producers make sense of it all, offering engaging opportunities that show producers new tools and techniques in action. In this joint Climate Learning Network/ANREP Community Science Initiative Webinar, a trio of professors working on water in the Ogallala aquifer region, Drs. Aguilar, Rudnick and West, will discuss their experiences running popular outreach programs targeted at agricultural producers. 
2017 Southern Forestry and Natural Resources GIS Conference 
Early Registration Ends November 9.

Early registration for the Southern Forestry and Natural Resources GIS Conference (SOFOR GIS) ends November 9, 2017 at 12 PM ET, so register today! The conference will take place December 11-12 in Athens, Georgia and offers 12 continuing education credits in forestry and logging. 

Association of Fire Ecology to Feature Special Extension Session

The 2017 Association for Fire Ecology International Fire Congress, November 28-December 2, 2017 in Orlando Florida, will offer several learning opportunities for fire managers, natural resource professionals, policy and administrative leaders, educators and the academic and research community. Presentations will feature the latest in research results and applications. There will be workshops, special sessions, fire circles, and field trips. The conference includes several wildland fire education presentations and discussions hosted by Extension experts in fire and adult learning that will be directly applicable to Extension personnel and other educators.
  Forest Health Webinar: Hardwood Forest Management for Health & Productivity
  AL: Alabama's Antropods (Naturalist Program)
  TN: Fall 2017 Joint Meeting of the Southeastern Dry Kiln Club and the Ohio Valley Lumber Drying Association
  UK Webinar: Mushrooms and More from Your Woodlands
Webinar: Boosting Producer Learning, Exchange, & Adoption of Water Use Efficient Technologies: Strategies from the High Plains/Ogallala Region
  AL: Selma Chainsaw Safety Workshop
  VA: Preparing for Generation NEXT - New Kent
  AR: Forestry & Wildlife Camp: Basic & Advanced
  FL: ConnectiviTREE: Sand Hills to Sandy Shores
  LA: Managing Veteran Trees 
  AL: New & Beginning Landowner Series
  GA:  Issues and Threats: Tree and Forest Health Care
  GA: Longleaf Pine Establishment and Management - Statesboro
  VA: Preparing for Generation NEXT - Radford 
  NC: Longleaf Pine Resources Meeting
VA: Upholstery Frame Workshop
  AL: New & Beginning Landowner Series
  AL: Alabama's Freshwater Ecosystems & Wetlands 
  MS: Wildlife Jamboree
  NC: Forest Land Transition Planning Workshop - Jackson
   NC: Project Learning Tree: Southeastern Forests & Climate Change 
   ESZF Webinar:
 Development of Focal Point Seed Zones for the Present and Future
   NC: Forest Land Transition Planning Workshop - Kenansville
   NC: Forest Land Transition Planning Workshop - Statesville
  GA: Forest Management for Gamebirds - Tifton
  UK Webinar: Deer Management 101
  GA: Nuisance Wildlife Damage Prevention & Control
  FL: FireVision 20/20: A 20 Year Reflection and Look into the Future: 7th International Fire Ecology & Management Congress 
  UK Webinar: There's an App for That: Forest Engagement Through Citizen Science
  AL: Alabama's Forest Lands (Master Naturalist)
  UK Webinar: Tree and Log Grading Introduction
  AL: Winter Scavenger Hunt on the Longleaf Trail
  GA: 11th SOFOR GIS Conference
  GA: Deer Ecology & Management

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