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5-day Meal Boxes

These will continue to be available during Distance Learning. Please click the link below to sign your student(s) up for them. Pick up will be on Mondays (Starting 11/30) from 12 - 2 PM.
(Once you sign up, you do not have to do it again.)

Any Absence:
If your child has to be gone from school instruction (Even during Distance Learning), please contact the office by phone at 507-582-3568, or by email
Flexible Learning Days:
Reminder - These will continue, on Wednesdays, through at least December 23rd. Updates will come once this model of student instruction is evaluated.
No School Days:
December 24th - January 3rd
(Wednesday, December 23rd is a noon dismissal)
Mrs. Bauserman - Social Worker
Zoom Mtg ID: 459-297-2259
Passcode: 387009
Phone/Text: 641-732-2604 (Google)
**I want you to know that, even if your child is home, I am available to meet with them. (This includes Wednesdays when we are flex-learning) If you would like to schedule a meeting for your child, please email, text, or call to set up a meeting/time.**
Student Age Care (SAC):
SAC is always an option for child care before, after school, early dismissals or no student days during the week unless otherwise noted in the handbook. Below is the direct link on the district webpage under the Elementary Tab if you would like to utilize this option: If you have any questions, please contact the school at the number above or Heidi Stickle-SAC coordinator at 437-1413 (day) or 438-3697 (evening)
Dental Clinic:
Rescheduled for January 26th
Health/Wellness Info:

Please continue to communicate with the school with any new symptoms of COVID-19, COVID-19 exposures, and/or COVID positive results.
We hope you are all staying healthy.

In health and wellness,
Emily Brumm RN

Parent Link:
The bi-weekly update will be sent to your e-mail you have supplied or a hard copy will be sent home. The newsletter will also be posted on the school web site at
**Spanish Resourses here also**

5 - Points to help your child
  • Help your child establish and stick to a routine
  • Check in with your child's advisor or teacher
  • Encourage physical activity and exercise
  • Resist the urge to sit in on classes with your child
  • Take care of you
Mower County Resource's
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