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Summer REC and Pool Bus
Information is being pulled together for these as we speak. Look for more information to be out very soon.
Friendly Reminder:
If you are dropping off or picking up your student after 8:15 or before 3:00, please do so at the Main Entrance, NOT the Elementary Doors. The office needs to make sure that the kids are getting checked in/out accordingly. 
Any Absence:
If your child has to be gone from school instruction (Even during Distance Learning), please contact the office by phone at 507-582-3568, or by email
Field Day!!!!
Friday, May 28th
**If it looks like rain that day, it will be Thursday, May 27th.
**COVID-19 Testing for Kids and Families**
MDH announced a recommendation for all school-age youth returning to school, youth sports, or extracurricular activities, and their families, to get tested every two weeks through the end of the school year. While it is not a requirement, regular testing complements other safety measures already in place, such as masking and social distancing.
Schools and youth organizations can send messages and resources available on COVID-19 Testing for Kids and Families to families to encourage testing. Getting tested every two weeks from now until the end of the school year can help keep schools open and sports operating, and ensure we are limiting the spread of COVID-19.

**Student COVID-19 Testing Update**
At Governor Walz’s direction, MDE is removing yet another barrier to testing: the UPS drop box. While some kids live down the street from a drop box, it’s quite a haul for others. Students will now be able to send their Vault-at-Home tests back to the lab through their schools.
How this works:
  • Students or families order tests through the Vault-at-Home program (remember tests are no costs to Minnesota residents).
  • Students complete their test at home.
  • Students seal their sample tube and place it in the biohazard bag. The biohazard bag then gets sealed in the shipping bag that came with the test. The shipping label sticker is attached to the bag.
  • Students bring their sealed shipping bag with the shipping label to school on your designated onsite testing day. Please communicate clearly with all students and families as to the day of your onsite testing programs.
To help students comply with MDH’s bi-weekly testing guidance and use at-home tests as a screening tool:
  • Students should test on the same schedule as staff (a specific day every other week).
  • Students will need to have a Vault-at-Home kit on hand at home to complete and bring to school on staff testing day.
  • Once students receive notice that their sample is being processed at the lab, they can order another Vault-at-Home kit for the next screening day.
MCA Testing
Our annual assessments, for grades 3-5, are in progress right now.
Good Test Taking Suggestions
  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat well
  • Try your BEST
  • Relax
  • Take your time
20-21' Yearbook
We are super excited to announce that one of our Elementary Para's, Emma Gulden, will be leading the role in organizing the yearbook this year!!
**More information to come**
Summer Meals Survey
If you have not already filled this out, please click the link below.
Memorial Day
Monday, May 31st
End of the Year
Thursday, June 3rd

Noon Dismissal
Earn Money For Our School!!
Box Tops: Easier than EVER to earn money for our school with the NEW Box Tops app! They have created a simple how-to video with simple step-by-step instructions for us to share with our school supporters. PLEASE pass this along and share with others in the community.
Coke Rewards: We are now accepting Coke Rewards online or bring them in!

Two Easy Steps:
1. Search for our school
2. Enter your code

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CASEY’S Rewards: Now you can earn points on all your Casey’s purchases – in-store, online or at the pump. Turn those points into donations for our school!

School Board Meeting
May 17th at 6:30 PM
Free Breakfast and Lunch has been extended, for ALL families,
through the remainder of the
20-21 school year.

Mrs. Bauserman - Social Worker
Zoom Mtg ID: 459-297-2259
Passcode: 387009
Phone/Text: 641-732-2604 (Google)
**I want you to know that, even if your child is home, I am available to meet with them. (This includes Wednesdays when we are flex-learning) If you would like to schedule a meeting for your child, please email, text, or call to set up a meeting/time.**
Student Age Care (SAC):
SAC is always an option for child care before, after school, early dismissals or no student days during the week unless otherwise noted in the handbook. Below is the direct link on the district webpage under the Elementary Tab if you would like to utilize this option: If you have any questions, please contact the school at the number above or Heidi Stickle-SAC coordinator at 437-1413 (day) or 438-3697 (evening)
Stay Healthy!
Health/Wellness Info:

Please continue to communicate with the school with any new symptoms of COVID-19, COVID-19 exposures, and/or COVID positive results.
We hope you are all staying healthy.

In health and wellness,
Emily Brumm RN

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