August 2017

SVCC Spotlights Alumni

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Recent Spotlights include:

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Checking Out the Eclipse
Students at the Governor's School of Southside Virginia and Southside Virginia Community College joined with others across the nation to view the historic solar eclipse that took place on August 21.  In addition to donning their viewing glasses, students gathered data and made observations during the event.  The GLOBE Observer app was used to upload the information to a NASA server for use by scientists studying the many environmental and atmospheric changes that occurred during the eclipse.  In addition, students learned interesting facts about eclipses, viewed live-streamed events hosted by NASA, and photographed shadow changes during the eclipse.  Associate professors Brent  Richey and Pardha Gadiyaram, Governor's School staff, and others were on hand to answer questions, moderate discussions, and facilitate activities.
SVCC Alum Has Cool Job in Law Enforcement
Stuart Bowen's job is cool because he makes safety a priority for the citizens of the area. Bowen is Chief of Police for the town of South Hill, Virginia, a job he began in July of 2016. 
Bowen began training for this cool job at Southside Virginia Community College.  A graduate of Halifax County High School, Bowen attended SVCC from August of 1993 to May of 1995, graduating with an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree in Administration of Justice.

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August Graduations
This month SVCC graduated Workforce Development classes in Truck Driver Training, Welding, and Power Line Worker.
Upon completion of the classes, graduates had earned valuable industry recognized credentials in their respective fields, preparing them for today's employment opportunities.

CITE Lab Ribbon Cutting

A ribbon cutting  marking the opening of the Center for Information Technology Excellence (CITE) lab was held recently at Lake Country Advanced Knowledge Center in South Hill.  Participating along with SVCC officials, employees and students were South Hill Chamber of Commerce members.

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SVCC Employees Recognized for Years of Service
Southside Virginia Community College recently recognized employees for Years of Service to the Commonwealth of Virginia milestones. 

The Alberta Campus Nursing Club recently made donations to the Solari Radiation Therapy Center (part of VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital's Massey Cancer Center in South Hill) and Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center in Emporia.  The funds were given to purchase refreshments, supplies, etc. that the patients may need while receiving their chemotherapy.

Pictured above in South Hill, left to right: Mary Hardin (Director), Brandi Harrell (student), Victoria Finch (student), Joanna Powell (nurse for Radiology Oncology) and Ashley Willis (Chemo nurse).

Pictured in Emporia, left to right: Peggy Dunn (Director of Surgical Services and Outpatient and Oncology Clinic),Helen Wilson (Nurse Manager of Ambulatory Care), Robin Heese (Oncology nurse), Beth Elliott (student),Julie Powell (student) Linda Thompson (Oncology nurse)