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April 7 - Law Enforcement &
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Saturday, April 21 - 7:00 PM
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April 28 -Travel with SVCC to Washington,DC
Caring, Compassionate Nature Leads To This Cool Job
If a teenager thinks your job is cool; then, it is a cool job. Roslin V. Davis, says her 17-year-old son, Jaleal, thinks his mom's job is cool. Davis never saw herself in the job she now holds: she is Licensed Assisted Living Administrator for Mecklenburg House in South Hill.

Mecklenburg House is an assisted living community that offers seniors and the
mentally-challenged, the opportunity to live in comfort surrounded by a caring staff who are well trained in a variety of resident needs. 

As administrator, Davis is a great example of how Southside Virginia Community College offers career pathways for students.

Grant to Provide Funding for Students To Train for High Growth Careers at SVCC
A Southern Virginia economic development and education partnership has been
awarded a $648,000 state grant to prepare local students for high-growth careers in information technology, advanced manufacturing, and related fields.
Kudos to SVCC Nursing Program 
In a recent ranking of associate degree nursing programs in Virginia, SVCC had the top-rated community college program.

At SVCC students are given five core values throughout the education process including 'patient-centered care, professional identity, nursing judgement, collaboration, and safe and effective care'. These values are what make the graduates an exceptional addition to the nursing field. SVCC ranked fourth overall in the state behind Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing, Radford University and Stratford University.
Women in Welding
Two women, claiming each other as kin, take Southside Virginia Community College welding class together at the Lake Country Advanced Knowledge Center in South Hill. Heather McComb (Left to Right) John Evans, Instructor, and Diane Boaz make quite a team in the welding facility of SVCC in South Hill.
With a total of three women currently enrolled in the Lake Country Advanced Knowledge Center, Southside Virginia Community College's Arc Welding I class, inter-generational learning and nontraditional are not simply "buzzwords." SVCC instructor John Evans' class at Lake Country Knowledge Center in South Hill notes that two of the women weld in booths side by side, but, in age, they are 50 years apart.
Retired Educator Learning, Sharing New Tricks with Therapy Dog
After a career of more than 56 years in education, what does a retired educator do? One of our own decided to go back to school to learn and to teach.

Dr. John J. Cavan, former President of Southside Virginia Community College, now volunteers at schools, colleges and nursing homes with his dog, Bella. A Nationally Certified Therapy Dog, Bella is a four-year-old Goldendoodle who lives with Dr.Cavan and his wife, Ann, in Midlothian. Recently, Coco was added to the family; she is a half-sister to Bella, just six months old and already in class every Friday to eventually join the team.     
Group Attends Lecture at Longwood
Those attending are (Left to Right) Raven Tuck,  LaRoya Walton, Janet Wilson, Bernadette Battle, Clifton Elam, Dr. Jacquelyn Serwer, Le'Tina Giles, Georgia Hicks.
A group from Southside Virginia Community College recently attended a lecture and discussion by Dr. Jacquelyn Serwer, Chief Curator for the African American History and Culture Museum, held at Longwood University.  

The trip was sponsored by Women in Search of Excellence (WISE) Mentoring Program, which addresses the challenges facing women in higher education by fostering healthy relationships and providing support, guidance, and encouragement to help women overcome obstacles and achieve personal, professional and academic growth.    The mission of  WISE  is to empower women through professional and academic enrichment while improving self-esteem and self-advocacy.