July 2021 E-News Blast
How might you attend our HYBRID conference?
Unity Southwest Region Conference 2021:  Celebrate the Good

Your conference planning team has begun the planning process for our upcoming Fall conference. The team consists of team chair, Neal Worthington, and team members, Sheryl Padgett, Ken Fendrick, Malayna Dawn, and Charli Tupper. The theme this year is Celebrate the Good.

The conference will be offered in a hybrid format. For those who want to come together in person, events will be held in-person at Unity of Phoenix, and simultaneously all aspects of the conference will be offered online.

Save the dates: October 26 – 28, 2021.   
From Your Regional Board
Board President, Rev. Charli Tupper

It is already July of 2021, and because we were unable to meet during the convention this past month, I thought I would write a synopsis of what the region board has been up to so far this year.

At the end of last year, the region board released the bookkeeper who was serving the region over the past several years. This was part of a move to have more consistency and stability for the region to outlive our Vision, Mission, and Core Values.

We expanded Malayna Dawn’s responsibilities. She is our Administrative Director along with our Communications Consultant/ technical support person. We also hired a bookkeeper to move our financials to QuickBooks online.

All of this has been in preparation for a professional financial review. It has been many years since the region has engaged an outside company to do a financial review.

There have been many steps we have engaged in to prepare for this, and outside firms that are helping us to prepare by getting our financials and policies in order.  We will then turn everything over to a firm to provide the financial review.
Region Advisory Council:

As your Board President, Charli Tupper attends the Region Advisory Council for Unity Worldwide. This council is made of a board member from each region, the chair of the UWM board, a liaison from UWM Board, ministry services, and the CEO of UWM.

At monthly meetings there is a time to share what is happening within the regions and share support and regional resources. UWM keeps us informed of changes and happenings at the international level that affect our local ministries.

All of this is to keep a bridge between UWM, the regions, and the ministries. This connection is another way of knowing that we are not alone as we face the multiple changes that are occurring within our movement and our individual ministries.

Regional Representative:
As your Unity Southwest Region Representative, Lori Fleming serves on the Unity Worldwide Ministries Standards Team. These are examples of things Standards works on editing and updating: Code of Ethics, Standards Committee Web Description & Regional Rep Job Description, CEU Policy and Procedures (referring to staff for proper formatting but conceptually agree), Ministry Employment Readiness Policy and Procedures. All changes are approved by the UWM Board of Trustees.
Upcoming Classes and Events Within Our Region:
The board has also been working on ways to support the ministries and ministers of our region. One of these is to offer a place in the newsletter where you can advertise what classes and workshops you are teaching or are being offered at your center. In this way we can support each other and support the out-reaching of our Unity message. The policy for who and how will be included in our next newsletter.
Unity Ministry Wellness Consultant:

Charli Tupper recently completed all the requirements to serve Unity as a Ministry Wellness Consultant. What exactly does that mean? The training consisted of a number of classes in assisting ministries in taking that next step. The step could be revisiting Vision, Mission, Core Values; board training; leadership development; conflict management. 

The idea is to have a colleague to call upon that serves ministries and ministers as we all walk this path together. Rev. Charli does not believe ministry is a path we are meant to walk alone. 

As a Wellness Consultant, Charli holds space and offers processes for ministers and ministries to discover who they are now, and to be empowered to take the steps to embody that truth.
Youth Ministry:

Our Youth Ministry Director, Angie Keyes, has been working with our youth using technology as they walk through the effects of the pandemic.

She and the leadership team have been engaging their powers of creativity to provide opportunities for the youth to stay connected and continue practicing Unity principles together.

They have had the opportunity to connect on Sunday mornings, have game nights, and build spiritual skills and personal connection through retreats and camps.

They are looking forward to being able to return in person, hopefully this fall.
Congratulations Newly Ordained Unity Ministers

Rev. Jonathan Zenz, Unity of Tucson
Rev. Neal Worthington, Unity of Payson
Rev. Ken Fendrick
We love you. We bless you. We appreciate you. 
We behold the Christ in you.
Unity Minister's Community Connection
for SW Region Ministers & Spiritual Leaders
Next Zoom: July 27, 2021
4th Tuesday Each Month --

10am AZ AND CA
(We're in the same time zone now!)

The Zoom link will be sent in a reminder email. Make sure you're on the list!

Join in a supportive virtual circle with other leaders who understand the challenges and joys of our particular path. This is a space to connect with each other and share the journey together.

For questions, email unityswregion@gmail.com.

ABOUT THE IMAGES: Inspired by the Youth Ministry tee-shirt, artist Gina Trank has graciously offered her imagery to help us remain spiritually connected in the new year.
Get you tee or sweatshirt at teespring.com!
From the International New Thought Alliance (INTA)
Rev. Dale Worley of Unity of Savannah has extended this invitation to our SW Region:

The 106th annual World Congress of the International New Thought Alliance will be online Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday July 20 - 22, 2021.
The theme is “Conscious Awakenings”, with morning Speakers, afternoon Workshops, and evening Keynotes. All are invited to attend, and enjoy exceptional words, stimulating experiences, inspiring music, and the Truth of New Thought!

Among the workshop presenters you'll find Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett, the Vice-President of Silent Unity.

Details and registration at the INTA event website: https://newthoughtevents.org/
Remember, Unity.org has links to Unity Village, Unity Worldwide Ministries, Silent Unity and Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, as well as resources and publications, all in one place.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Regional Business Administrator, Malayna Dawn, at admin@unityswregion.org.