January 4, 2024 ····· ···············································Vol. 1, Issue 3

The SAgE Hotline Is Open!

The Southern Ag Exchange Network’s farm stress line is fully operational thanks to the hard work of SAgE staff and partners.

The USDA funds SAgE through the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network (FRSAN), and one of the USDA’s requirements for regional FRSAN efforts is the provision of a farm stress hotline. There are three contracted entities who are working with SAgE to address this requirement:

  • Iowa State University Extension and Outreach’s Concern Line, which has operated as a stress hotline for farmers for more than 30 years, will run the SAgE Hotline and has collaborated on SAgE’s strategy for creating an effective hotline.
  • Callers may be referred to Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI), whose farm advocacy services primarily focus on struggling farms, financial management and assistance, and technical support.
  • Farm Aid, which receives calls from all over the country, will collect data on incoming hotline calls from the southern region of the U.S. and provide anonymized data to SAgE for evaluation purposes.
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SAgE Resources

The SAgE resource database is at the heart of what we do as we focus on alleviating farm stressors on a variety of fronts—from health care, to animal care, crops to cash flow, tax guidance, finances, and much more. Our resources team is hard at work adding new resources all the time. Don't see your state listed here? Keep your eye on this space, or head to our website. If you’d like to recommend a resource, you can do that here.






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SAgE Applied Research

SAgE Farm Stress Brief Series

The Farm Stress Brief Series is a peer-reviewed publication housed at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. The objective of the Farm Stress Brief Series is to provide a venue for reports on research and programming that centers the risk factors, barriers to care, and strategies to address farm stress. 

These reports are evidence to support work being undertaken by a multitude of stakeholders to reduce farm stress and the risk of farmer suicide. 

We accept submissions from an interdisciplinary community of scholars and practitioners.

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Interested in submitting a SAgE Research Brief? Click here.

SAgE Webinars

The SAgE Applied Research Webinar Series brings in researchers, practitioners, and farmers to discuss topics important for understanding and addressing farm stress. 

Click here if you'd like to submit a SAgE Webinar for consideration.

News from the Ag World

Rancher Kimberly Ratcliff Bridges the Gap Between Urban and Rural Life

After seven years in New York City’s financial environs, Kimberly Ratcliff shifted gears to become a cattle rancher near Oakwood, Texas. 

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North Carolina Farmers, Faith Leaders Gave Over 400 Boxes of Food

This December, a coalition of Black faith leaders and farmers distributed more than 400 boxes of fresh, locally-grown produce to underserved communities in the Triad area of North Carolina. 

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Flower Hill Institute Provides Technical Assistance on Meat, Poultry Processing

Flower Hill Institute is a Native-owned, community-directed nonprofit that also works nationally, providing technical assistance on the USDA Meat and Poultry Processing Technical Assistance program.

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