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SAgE Resources and Trainings

As part of the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network, the Southern Ag Exchange Network collects and disseminates resources for the purpose of alleviating farm stress. But that process is far more than simply doing a Google search and putting the results on the website, explains Emily Ellis, SAgE’s Resources and Trainings Director.

Currently the database lists resources from about half of the states that SAgE covers, but Emily, working with partners within the SAgE network, continues the work of verifying what is submitted and soliciting new submissions. “It’s a work in progress, and states will be added as we continue to make connections in those states and gather their input. The ultimate goal is to be able to serve anyone that comes to the website and always have something available for all 13 states and the two territories, all in one accessible place instead of people having to go in search of help,” she says. “The hope is that they will get access to the resources they need before the stressor becomes too heavy. It can be preventative because it's at their fingertips.”

While the live resources database on the SAgE website is an ongoing project, the work began a couple of years ago at a regional meeting in Franklin, TN, where attendees were encouraged to think of resources that they knew of. The SAgE team had provided a list of stressors (health, mental health, financial, labor, legal, weather and disaster, and farm operations and viability) as categories for the resources, and attendees were sent home with a spreadsheet to fill with additional resources for their states.

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SAgE Resources

The SAgE resource database is at the heart of what we do as we focus on alleviating farm stressors on a variety of fronts—from health care, to animal care, crops to cash flow, tax guidance, finances, and much more. Our resources team is hard at work adding new resources all the time. Don't see your state listed here? Keep your eye on this space, or head to our website. If you’d like to recommend a resource, you can do that here.






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SAgE Webinars

Did you miss a recent webinar? You can see past webinars on our website or on our YouTube channel.

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The SAgE Applied Research Webinar Series brings in researchers, practitioners, and farmers to discuss topics important for understanding and addressing farm stress. 

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News from the Ag World

Breaking Down Barriers to Crop Insurance

USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) is investing in risk management education and working with partners and ambassadors to help us expand our reach.

Crop insurance can seem complicated sometimes, and that’s why RMA wants to provide resources to help producers get more familiar.

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The Who and the Why of the Gaia Herbs Farmworker Housing Project

A blend of full-time and seasonal team members flows with the fluctuating labor demand that seasons reveal, it is also a blend of privilege: privilege to be a full-time employee and return home to our immediate families at the end of each workday; to have modern and dependable comforts of home; to have privacy.

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Celebrating Female Farmer Veterans: Meet Kylee!

In honor of International Women's Month, the Veteran's Farm of NC is shining a spotlight on the incredible female farmer veterans who make our community so special. They're thrilled to introduce you to Kylee!

Kylee's journey is a testament to the power of community, healing, and shared purpose.

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