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Today I’ll be attending the Ohio Aquaculture Conference in Columbus, OH. I hope to be able to meet up with some companies that could have the potential to before Allied Industry partners for the organization. Some of you might have received an email from USB for a request for concepts, this is a different approach than we are accustom to. I will be participating on a conference call later today to see what this new approach means in terms of how SAA solicits research projects. It’s my hope that this will just be an additional avenue for the organization to get the best research projects surfaced. I will keep you all posted as this continues to develop.

On the non-checkoff side, there is again a push to get offshore aquaculture legislations introduced in the new congress. SAA and ASA have been asked to sign onto a letter urging the Senate and Congress to refile the bills that were filed late in the last congress. Even if that were to occur, there’s a lot of work that would need to be done to make those bills workable for many of the aquaculture farmers. So stay tuned more to come…

As a reminder don’t forget to get hotel reservations made for the SAA board meeting on March 7 th in New Orleans. 

Andy Tauer
Executive Director Soy Aquaculture Alliance
Current Events

January 25 – 26
Ohio Aquaculture Association, Columbus, OH

February 4 – 6
Mid-Continent Warmwater and Coolwater Fish Culture Workshop, Council Bluffs, IA          

February 19 – 21
USB Board Meeting, Dallas, TX

February 27–March 2
Commodity Classic, Orlando, FL

March 6
SAA Executive Committee Meeting, New Orleans, LA

March 7
SAA Board Meeting, New Orleans, LA

March 22 – 23
Iowa Aquaculture Conference, Ames, IA
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Americans eating a lot more seafood, according to NFI’s new Top 10 list  
Americans ate over a pound more seafood per capita in 2017 than they did the year before, according to the latest figures shared in the National Fisheries Institute’s (NFI) annual list of the top 10 most consumed seafood species in the United States....
US tilapia demand falls  
Americans’ consumption of tilapia has fallen in recent years, while demand from Russia has surged, according to a new report.
Regulatory issue prompts trū Shrimp to move planned production facility  
Less than three months after announcing plans to build a 67-acre shrimp hatchery in its home state, an aquaculture company has had to change course and move forward with constructing the production facility in a neighboring state.
Survey on US seafood consumption contains surprises
While almost half of all Americans eat little to no seafood, many Americans love the stuff – and are willing to spend more time shopping for it and more money to buy it so they can eat it regularly.
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