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 2017 Summer Events 
Laurie Westwood is Bethel Sozo's Regional Facilitator of DE, PA, NY, NJ and Greenwood, DE.
She will be speaking on a core value of Kingdom Culture found in Luke 19:10.  There is nothing lost in the kingdom.  Come enjoy an evening of thought provoking word and worship.
FRIDAY JULY 14 @6:30 pm 
at NLCC Ministry Complex
Cost: FREE (Offering will be taken)

Children's Sozo Training
Laurie Westwood first fell in love with Sozo when a couple brought the teaching back from Bethel, used her for a demo and she was physically healed!! In addition to being the Regional Facilitator for Delmarva, she is Facilitator of the House Sozo team at the House of Praise in Greenwood, DE. Laurie's excitement at seeing the spirit in others JUMP with joy when they hear there is a way to connect people directly and intimately to Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit is evident. She desires to teach and equip ministry groups on the Delmarva Peninsula this accelerated way of healing in these accelerated times. Having worked with the youth for 22 years and having 6 children, she also sees their need to be connected to the Godhead so they can also minister to their peers.
Last year when we did our Children's training we tried to combine it with Basic Sozo Training and after evaluation of that event it was decided to do this again with a concentration only on Children and their needs.  SO this event will be more information for children with demos and or role playing.
Cost $40  
If you attended last years Children's training you can attend FREE 
Please bring your manual with you
Training will be 9A-12N
Children's Sozo appointments 
will be available for the rest of the day.  
A child is old enough to have a sozo as long as they can communicate and a parent is with them.  All children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent. After 13 having a parent in the room is optional but a parent must accompany the child and will meet the facilitator.  We have several slots available in the afternoon for younger children and in the evening we will take appointment for teens (13-16) So if you or anyone you know is interested in having a child receive a sozo please send this information to them.  The available slots will be first come first serve basis.  

Dreams Interpretation
with Candice Simmons
July 22, Saturday 
Cost is FREE - offering will be taken
at NLCC Ministry Complex

Open Times for Sozo Prayer

Drop in time for mini sozo's for anyone interested in learning sozo by doing it or getting some ministry in a shorter time frame than a regular sozo session.
Open Prayer will be June 7 and July 11
 at NLCC Ministry Complex
(the first Wednesday of every month)
walks-in are welcome

All events occur at our office unless otherwise stated
4601 E Douglas, Suite 126
Wichita, KS 67218


Sozo Saturday will occur again in August 
Theme for 2017
Identity: to know who you are; becoming confident sons and daughters of the King.
Enjoy this song of worship and sing it over yourself 

Catch the Wind
Catch the Wind

Would you be willing to commit to a one time donation or a recurring donation? 
Would you be willing to partner with us to pay for someone else to have a Sozo? 

  remember their freedom affects everyone around them, possibly even you!

Lis and Alan Schmidt
4-life Transforming Prayer Ministry

Go Slow, Be God Struck, Grant Grace and Live Truth.