Dear Beit Rabban Parents,

I hope you and your children are enjoying the summer and getting a chance to be outside in safe and rejuvenating ways. We are having a great time running Kayitz Ba'Anan, our virtual summer camp. We are also feeling energized by the intensive planning we are doing for the new school year. We feel confident and eager to be back in person with your children in the fall. Getting ready to open our doors in person requires a lot of research and creativity on multiple levels, and the more we invest in that planning the more excited we feel. At the same time, we are fleshing out contingency plans in the event that we need to start school with distance learning or switch to distance learning at some point in the school year. We have learned so much over the months of Beit Rabban Ba'Anan from our school's experience and from so many others across the country and the world. No matter how the 20-21 school year unfolds, we will be learning and growing together with your children and your families- intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

As promised, I am writing to share a space update now that we have more information, and I plan to share more in the weeks to come as we continue to finalize plans for the fall. We can now confirm that the Gan and Garinim (Kindergarten) will remain at 15 W. 86 Street this coming year. We feel confident that grades 1-7 will be based together at a second Upper West Side location. We are close to finalizing this second location and plan to share with you as soon as we do.

I hope you take some comfort in this news. As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to check in.

Warm regards,

P.S. Don't forget to join us tonight at 8PM EST if you have a child entering Garinim (Kindergarten) in the fall for a "Transition to Kindergarten" session with Ingrid Goldfein, Principal, Shlomit Levy, Director of Student Support, & Lisa Exler, Director of Judaics & Ivrit. Meeting ID: 513-983-8807

This year, in an effort to streamline school supply ordering, we ask each family with children in K-7th grade to  order supplies through EduKit by July 5th. 

This simple process directs you to your child's specific grade's supply list and allows you to purchase online and have the package of supplies delivered directly to Beit Rabban. As all supplies will remain communal, teachers will completely manage supply distribution once the students arrive in the fall. A full supply kit for the year costs approximately $50 per child .

Should you choose to purchase supplies on your own, please use the list provided in the EduKit link and make sure your child brings all supplies to school on the first day of class. Please do not substitute or personalize any of the items on the list as all supplies will be shared communally. 

PLEASE NOTE that the cost of EduKit supply packages increases after July 5 . Please purchase today to benefit from current prices and free shipping.