Fall 2017

New Director of Training & Development
Mestek is pleased to announce that John Wrobel has joined our team as Director of Training and Development.
John comes to Mestek with over 33 years of experience in the HVAC industry including 14 years working as a hands-on technical and applications trainer. In his most recent position as a training manager in the hydronics industry, he managed all technical and sales training for the North American markets. 
John will conduct training programs at The Reed Institute located at Mestek headquarters in Westfield, MA. He will also travel throughout North America working in cooperation with our network of sales representatives and wholesale distributor partners bringing training directly to industry professionals including service technicians, contractors and engineers.  
“John brings an extensive depth of product and application experience to Mestek covering all of our manufacturing segments from hydronics and HVAC to refrigerant based products,” said Matt Kleszczynski, Director of Marketing. “His expertise in developing curriculum targeted to specific market segments will certainly make him an asset to not only our team but to our valued customers.”
Interested in training?
If you have a group of HVAC professionals in need of training, please let us know!

Chillin' Out with SpacePak
TV Personality and Award Winning Interior Designer Anitra Mecadon recalls trying to get ready for the prom in an 85° home. Her family had long dreamed of a solution to the brutal hot summer days so when she heard SpacePak’s catch phrase, “Central Air, Anywhere,” she picked up the phone. SpacePak North American Sales Manager Ken Eggleston and Northeast Sales Manager Jim Bashford headed to the 40-year-old home and confirmed that it was indeed an ideal application for SpacePak. 

SpacePak teamed up with the celebrity designer/builder to video tape the installation which has received over 22,000 views on facebook!   

Building Green Comfort with SpacePak
Eco-friendly builder Dave Sweet has been building his own homes since the 1980s, and each time he builds a home, his goal is to include as many environmentally-friendly features as possible. His goal in building his latest home is to use as little energy as possible while maximizing comfort for his family. Sweet chose SpacePak to provide the air conditioning for his new home as an ideal complement for his in-floor radiant heat. SpacePak’s outstanding ability to mix the air for even temperature made it the perfect selection for the open floor plan and high ceilings. With the ability to remove up to 40% more moisture from the air than a conventional ducted system, the system will provide the ultimate in comfortable conditioned air for the Sweet home. As a new construction project, the open frame made installation fast and simple showing that SpacePak is well suited for both retrofit and new construction.  Click to view the video!
In the Spotlight
Founded in August of 2015, TAS Group, LLC is a buy/sell mechanical rep firm that specializes in providing solutions to problems in the HVAC Industry. They signed on as a SpacePak Manufacturer’s rep just a little over a year ago and have been off to a strong start in the Southeast covering the states of Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama.  

Although they are a young company, they are rich with experience. Collectively they have over 200+ years of HVAC experience in most all areas of the HVAC industry, including installation and service, sales engineering, distribution. Three principals, Allen Nix, Jim Murphy and Ian McDaniel lead the team of six. “It’s been a great partnership already,” said Nix. “We have received an outstanding level of support from Spacepak and we look forward to growing the relationship.”
It's the Energy Costs that Matter
Highly efficient and eco-friendly, heat pumps are gaining popularity for both primary heating and cooling. COPs for heat pumps, like AFUE values for boilers and SEER ratings for air conditioners, are often presented as numbers that energy-conscious consumers should be very excited about.

In general a higher COP is always preferred. However, in selling heat pumps, many factors such as installed costs, come in to play that will effect the actual cost of energy to your customers.

Check out this article from the October issue of Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine in which industry guru John Siegenthaler digs into the nitty-gritty of Air-to-Water Heat Pumps, Energy Savings, and COPS !