August 13, 2017 

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Worship This Sunday

Spaces in Between, Rev. Jane Esterline

Liturgist: Kaitlin Remensky

Music:  David Daugherty, Director of Music, Summer Family Choir, 
Rashmee Graczyk, piano
The Sacrament of Baptism will be celebrated for  Brynlee Rae Hubbard, infant daughter of Jennifer and William Hubbard. Brynlee is the great-granddaughter of Marlene Vogel.

Stephen Minister Diane Goff  will be available for prayer after worship
Lemonade on the Lawn follows at 11am, hosted by: Staff Relations
The Nursery is unsupervised this morning. Please feel free to use the Nursery, though. You can listen to the Worship Service via the speaker provided. We apologize, and thank you for understanding. 

Please call 
Sarah Jane Beorn
, or click on her name at left to send email. 
She will be  happy to connect you with a friendly Northmont driver.
This Sunday . . .
Joseph and His Coat of  Many Colors
Suzanne Tornquist

Spaces in Between

We will remember the Joseph series in Genesis over the next two weeks. His story is full of the ups and downs of life (literally and figuratively) as a road map to the people of God that God is with us even when our hearts despair within us.
See you this Sunday.
In Case You Missed It . . .

You can access audio from last Sunday's worship service using the link to the right.

Audio from previous services is available on our Web site

Ear Candy & Inspiration for a Sunday (or any) Morning
Bass guitar virtuoso Victor Wooten renders an incredible solo performance of "Amazing Grace," for the NAMM Show at the 2010  summer  convention of the National Association of Music Merchants, in Anaheim, California.
Click the link to the right and enjoy!

If you have a musical selection you would like to have featured in this space, we'd love  to hear from you! Please send the title (and artist, if it's important to you that we find a  specific version of the music) to Bob Addleman.
From the Interim Pastor

Notes from a dialogical sermon -
Last Sunday we had a shared sermon. The story of Jesus feeding the 5000 is so familiar that we discussed it together. Here are some notes from the worship service:
How comfortable are you with miracles?
This could be a story of social generosity and cooperation and a story of a blatant miracle - five loaves of bread and two fish feed 5000, plus women and children with 12 baskets of leftovers. In youth group we called this story "Leftovers."
How comfortable are you with God's extravagant grace?
What are other stories reflecting God's extravagant grace?
Moses and Joshua face parted waters and dry land
Manna and quail, then water from a rock
Jacob seeks out Esau, not knowing what would happen and sees the face of God at Peniel
He is given a new name, Israel, which means one who strives with God (and lives)
Prodigal means extravagant and the Loving father had two prodigal sons. God's extravagant grace is not interrupted by our extravagant wanderings.
Psalm 23 speaks of green pastures where the sheep feed. Like Ps. 23 this story references the green grass Jesus invited to the crowd to sit upon and be fed.
Where did this story take place?  A lonely place also called wilderness
Wilderness - the place where Jesus retreated after he heard of the death of John by Herod. Jesus the king of kings is compared to Herod the king of destruction.
Matthew's audience would have known the wilderness of defeat after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE.
The Hebrew word for wilderness is midbar: mi  means away from and dabar "to speak a word" which means wordless. A wilderness is actual and metaphorical. A wilderness experience or choice takes you where words may fail you. Going through the experience of extreme limits, like not enough food to feed the crow, makes the contrast of extreme provision by God, like 12 baskets of leftovers, that life changing touch from God.
Can anything good come out of wilderness wanderings?
A small portion like a bento box, touched by prayer can become the life giving provision of our God through us - wilderness or not.
The Last Supper and Passover - Jesus said, "This is my body given for you . . ."
The Bread of Life given for you! The feeding miracle and theology is mentioned 8 times in the Gospels: twice in both Matthew and Mark, once in Luke, and all of chapter 6 in John. Provision, multiplication, sustenance, the Bread of Life, giving, sharing, togetherness,
The first church celebrated resurrection every Sunday with shared meals, hymns, koinonia fellowship, and remembering Jesus' resurrected life. They also celebrated every Sabbath beginning on Friday with the community they were raised among, celebrating Passover. Jesus taught the Church to celebrate God's grace through food gathered in mourning alongside of food received as abundant provision and grace.
'You feed them! All you need is a bento box."
Something small but touched by God.
PRAYING THE PSALMS  is on hiatus for a week. We'll resume Thursday, August 24, at 10am in the Berean Room.
Doc's Clef Notes
The first appearance of Summer/Family Choir was a great success! This Sunday, August 13, will be the second appearance. Everyone is welcome from grade 7 on up. Rehearsal will begin in the choir loft at 9:15 AM.
The text for the anthem is the traditional Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy) text. The tune was written by living composer Terre McPheeters and will be easy to learn.  If you like to sing, come to church a little early, join us and Make a Joyful Noise.
If you have ever thought about playing in the Bell choir and would like to give it a try, here's your opportunity. Summer Bells will be offered Thursday evenings, August 10 & 17 beginning at 7:00pm. If you can count to four, know your right hand from your left hand, and have a desire to learn, you are a candidate. For more information, contact or call me at 412-606-3322 .
See you in church,
David (Doc)
Annual Rose Barn Service
We will have a gathering of our church family at the Rose Barn in North Park at 10:00am, Sunday, August 27 . Be sure to mark your calendar for this wonderful event. The Rose Barn is handicapped accessible and we're hoping everyone will come to this service. Please bring a chair and picnic side dish as chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, hotdogs and dessert will be served after church.  We need to know how much food to get, so we request that you sign up at the tables by the church doors, Sunday, August 13 and Sunday, August 20 . Alternatively, you may contact Sarah Jane Beorn, at or (724) 935-8632If you have a great outdoor game to share, by all means bring it with you and add to the fun!
THE SPIRITUAL FORMATION MINISTRY TEAM   is preparing for the Fall schedule. We ask that if you feel called to this ministry, please pray for discernment. It takes many hands to help others on their Faith Journey. Where do you feel called here at Northmont? Working with the children during Wednesday Club, Youth Group, Sunday Morning classes for all ages, and Nursery Attendant are just some of the many opportunities in the Northmont Community. Please pray for the team as we move forward.

Impact Bible Study continues at 9am in the Berean Room.

Adult Bible Study continues at 9am in the Malawi Room.

WEDNESDAY CLUB  will return for the fall session, Wednesdays from 5-7pm beginning September 13. Mark your calendars and make plans to let your kids in on the fun!

Tuesday mornings at 8:30
in Fellowship Hall

Autumn Breakfast
Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 8:45 am in Polley Fellowship Hall. There will be sign-up tables in the Narthex, Sunday, September 3, to pre-register for the continental breakfast and pre-register if childcare is needed. Sherrill Rudy, Awareness and Prevention Team Leader, from Pittsburgh's faith-based Living in Liberty, and a panel of volunteers invite us to become a part of the growing network of people stretching out a hand to the invisible, victimized population of sexually trafficked children. Living in Liberty is a local mission emphasis of Presbyterian Women of Pittsburgh Presbytery. Join us for breakfast, a movie, and a panel discussion to learn how you can be a blessing to many.

Christmas Luncheon
Presbyterian Women's Christmas Luncheon will be held December 8 in Polley Fellowship Hall at 11am. The program will be performed by North Hills Singers, under the direction of Mr. Shaun Cloonan.
A burdensome, distressing or weighty condition.
Are you feeling pressure right now? Is it affecting your health, your attitude, or your relationships with your family and friends? Would you like to have someone to talk to, just to help you get through the next month or two? Our Stephen Ministers can help.
If you would like to know more about Stephen Ministry, please contact
Nancy Garver at 724-935-2194, or email her

 is making hospital calls this week. 
She can be reached at
Please remember the following people in your prayers:
Crete Vandeval
Tammy Drumheller, daughter of Doug and Jean Drumheller
Mac McCartney
Howard Womsley
Dorothea Fisher
Thelma Boul
Dave Hawbaker
Dorothy Schuette
Larry Anderson
Duane and Liz Bowers
Jill Gable
Frank Simons
Jane Depee
Annette Curtis
Sallie Fisher
Jon and Tamey Manalli, niece and nephew of Sandy Guckert
Bob Guckert
Debbie Turner, Cathy Koehler's cousin
Rich Jones
Ginny Thomas, in Wexford House
Rita Raymond, Shirley Raymond's daughter-in-law
Tami Dixon
Joseph Shamm
Molly, friend of Sharon Walston
Mary Lou Craig  
Gwen Spahr's daughter, Andrea Spahr Albert on the recent passing of her husband, Bryan
Jackson Edwards, Barb Clark's grandson
Iris McManus
Marilyn, Diane Goff's friend
Mia Boccardi
Ed Vincent
The Loether Family
Bill Legansky
Randy, a friend of the Spahr family
Emily, a friend of Project Linus
Skye Graham, Cheryl English's neighbor
Marlene Webber, cousin of Linda Cunko
Mark Quigg, a friend of Peggy Grinager
Suzi, a friend of Gwen Spahr
Heidi Goff, Bill Goff's sister-in-law
Susan Dobbins, a friend of Bill Goff
Ralph Tissue, Carol Harvey's brother
Adrian Barhite, great-niece of Julia and Alan Zurbach
Our sister church, Mangochi CCAP, in Mangochi, Malawi
Our sister church, Second Presbyterian Church, in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania
Our global mission partners, the Ludwig family, the Weller family, and Kay Day
The NUPC Pastoral Nominating Committee
Members of the congregation who are seeking employment
Our college students as they return to school
The leaders of our federal, state, and local governments
All the men and women of our Armed Forces and our Veterans
Mia Boccardi
124 Point Vue Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Carol Fandozzi
834 Village Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Barbara Ferringer
9369 Doral Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

am Adult Bible Study Mangochi Room, Berean Room
Summer Family Choir Choir Loft
am Worship  Sanctuary
am Lemonade on the Lawn
Lawn or Library
Youth Group Youth Lounge
pm Alcoholics Anonymous Fellowship Hall

Boy Scouts Mangochi Room, Fellowship Hall

Fellowship Hall
pm Session Mangochi Room
Wednesd ay
August 16

Mangochi Room
pm Scout PLC Meeting Mangochi Room
Thursday August 17

Summer Bell Choir
CWG Suite
pm Stewardship & Finance Library

am Stretch & Grow
Child Development Center


am Adult Bible Study Mangochi Room, Berean Room
10:00 am Worship Sanctuary
11:00 am Lemonade on the Lawn Lawn or Library
Youth Group
Youth Lounge
8:00 pm Alcoholics Anonymous Fellowship Hall

We'd love to hear from you!

Rev. Jane Esterline, Interim Pastor

David Daugherty, Organist & Director of Music

Barb Clark, Spiritual Formation Director for Children's Ministry

Northmont Child Development Center
Amy Beiber, Director

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