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Thursday, October 6, 2016
School of Architecture in Granada - Architect: Víctor López Cotelo, Photograph: Lluís Casals
Alternativas / Alternatives - XIII Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism
Presented by The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union and the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism. 

The thirteenth Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (XIII BEAU) will be exhibited for the first time in the United States in Cooper Union's Arthur A. Houghton Jr. Gallery. The exhibition, entitled 
Alternativas / Alternatives , features 22 jury selected projects completed between January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2015 by contemporary Spanish architects. The installation, which also includes an additional 20 shortlisted works, features large-scale image displays and audiovisual commentary about the winning projects, as well as drawing reproductions and architectural models.

In conjunction with this exhibition, a group of distinguished scholars will be assembled on Saturday, November 12, to participate in a lively conversation about Spanish architecture. 

The exhibition is free and open to the public. 

Design IV, Spring 2000: Cities of the Night. Haley Eber.  
Architecture Archive Awarded Grant

The School of Architecture has received a federal grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, under its Museums for America program, to digitize and catalog the photographic holdings of the Architecture Archive's Student Work Collection and to make that content available as an online research database. Comprised of about 3,000 projects containing 24,000 unique items spanning from the 1930s to 2006, the collection has increasingly been an area of interest to academic researchers. 

A two-year effort, the database will launch in beta form in the fall of 2018. The grant, in the amount of $149,736, was among 206 projects awarded out of 548 applications. For more details, please click  here.

Architecture 3rd Year Traveling Studio
Analyzing the Architecture of Mexico City Through Design

In conjunction with the Design III Analysis studio, School of Architecture students traveled to Mexico City to study the cultural, environmental and urban contexts in which their subject buildings were located, as well as the building itself. The students and faculty visited over 20 buildings to be analyzed, including works by Felix Candela, Luis Barragan, Juan O'Gorman, Max Cetto and Mario Pani among others. Studio faculty Maria Pendas, Mersiha Veledar, and Michael Young were joined by Dean Nader Tehrani and assisted in their research and study by the generous involvement of faculty from UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), including Dino del Cueto and Cristina Lopez Uribe. 


DESIGN CHALLENGE | 2017 Better Philadelphia Challenge: The Rail Park is looking for project submissions to improve Philadelphia's City Branch Tunnel and make this currently unused rail line useful, fun and, safe for all. Anyone can register to receive competition materials as they become available with no obligations. Your team may be of any size - you can even submit an individual entry! You ARE able to add or change team members at any time up until you submit your final entry - you DO NOT need to let us know about any team members at this time. Simply wait until you submit your entry to include all final team member's names on the submission form. Registration Deadline: October 6, 2016. Learn More... 

REQUEST FOR SOLUTION | Long Beach Outdoor Office The City of Long Beach is seeking innovative ways to turn an accessible downtown plaza into a cutting edge outdoor space where professionals and entrepreneurs can work, meet and collaborate outside their traditional office space. The City is looking for outdoor furnishings and technologies that are useful, durable, attractive and easily replicable. The selected products and/or services might be Wi-Fi enabled, multi-purpose, moveable, provide lighting, shade, incorporate charging stations and integrate technology. The winner(s) of the challenge will have their piece(s) purchased and used in the first public park in the US to offer outdoor office amenities, programming, and infrastructure in a single site. Deadline: October 6, 2016. Learn More... 

ARCHITECTURE AND ARTS FESTIVAL | Bronx Community College - the only community college in the United States with national landmark designated buildings - will host an Architecture & Arts Festival to introduce the public to the beauty and history of its campus and to showcase local artists from across New York City. During this special event, BCC will be an Open House New York location as part of the City's five-borough celebration of architecture and design. Please register at Event Date: October 16, 2016 from 12pm - 4pm. Learn More... 

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS | Open House New York  is a nonprofit organization that provides broad audiences with unparalleled access to the extraordinary architecture of New York and to the people who help design, build, and preserve the city. For the annual OHNY Weekend event, we open up over 200 sites across all five boroughs to provide tours and access to the public, highlighting remarkable buildings and cutting edge infrastructure and design.  For this year's Weekend event on October 15 and 16, we hope to recruit a large team of volunteers to help out in a wide variety of ways at our sites all around the city. Learn More...

RESEARCH GRANTS | The James Marston Fitch Mid-Career Fellowship will award grants of up to $15,000 to one or two mid-career professionals who have an academic background, professional experience and an established identity in one or more of the following fields: historic preservation, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, environmental planning, architectural history and the decorative arts. The James Marston Fitch Charitable Foundation will consider proposals for the research and/or the execution of the preservation-related projects in any of these fields. Deadline: October 26, 2016. Learn More... 

ABSTRACT SUBMISSIONS | Living and Sustainability: An Environmental Critique of Design and Building Practices, Locally and Globally Estimates of the building industry's contribution to world carbon emissions reach as high as 30% worldwide - with figures on energy consumption in the region of 40%. The need for alternative low energy approaches to building, construction and design are obvious. However, key to a sustainable future are also related social questions.  Badly planned developments can not only lead to the destruction of habitats, they bring unaffordable housing, displaced communities and negative effects on physical health. Hosted in London and in the context of a housing crisis and various government initiatives to massively increase housing provision across the UK and elsewhere, this conference will focus on how these initiatives can be done in a sustainable manner. Deadline: October 30, 2016. Learn More... 

FELLOWSHIP IN ARCHITECTURE | The James Steedman Fellowship in Architecture  Our age is increasingly defined by unpredictability and a need for contingency in design. However, the life of a building or design cannot always keep pace with changes in culture, context, or climate. How is the rigidity of architecture slackened? Where does the ability to adjust, modify, or respond to factors exist? Can (and does) Architecture adapt?  The Steedman 2016 jury seeks forward-thinking research proposals on instances and ideas of adaptation in architecture. Deadline: November 1, 2016. Learn More... 

RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP | Bard Graduate Center invites scholars from university, museum, and independent backgrounds with a PhD or equivalent professional experience to apply for funded research fellowships, to be held during the 2017-18 academic year. The theme for this period is "What is distance?" Applicants are asked to address in a cover letter how their projected work will bear on this question. The fellowships are intended to fund collections-based research at Bard Graduate Center or elsewhere in New York, as well as writing or reading projects in which being part of our dynamic research environment is intellectually valuable. Eligible disciplines and fields of study include-but are not limited to-art history, architecture and design history, economic and cultural history, history of technology, philosophy, anthropology, and archaeology. Deadline: November 1, 2016. Learn More... 

CALL FOR ENTRIES | Space Invaders: Diaries of Radical Empathy  invites all city circulators and mavens of transportation to compose and submit a two-minute video of radical empathy. Envision the city from a mode of travel you never take, or can't stand to try. Or try to get from one place to another in the most unexpected or impossible way - swim to work, bike to the airport, kayak to dinner, climb a mountain to the post office. We encourage you to find an experience of the city, from a point of view you've so far never given yourself a moment to know, or even knew existed. Deadline: November 4, 2016. Learn More... 

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | PLAT Journal of Rice University is currently accepting submissions for the upcoming issue, Absence, which draws attention to the unbuilt structures, spaces, and ideas which hold as much potential and possibilities for architecture as their present counterparts. What does it mean for design to disappear? Absence, often seen as the result of a destructive force, may in fact be productive. While presence implies creation, absence promises possibilities. PLAT 6.0 welcomes architects, designers, thinkers, and anyone provoked by 'Absence' to submit design projects, essays, visual media, narratives, proposals, manifestos, and conversations that engage the notion of absence in architecture and its complementary creative fields. Please submit all materials, abstracts, and/or inquires to Deadline: December 1, 2016. Learn More...  

CALL FOR ENTRIES | Ventura Lambrate 2017  is Ventura Projects' flagship event held during the annual Salone del Mobile/Fuorisalone in Milan. During this week, the district of Lambrate in northeast Milan hosts a thriving design district that showcases the latest developments in international contemporary design. By juxtaposing conceptual experiments with professional presentations, visitors are challenged to take a different view on design. Applications are now open. Deadline: December 1, 2016. Learn More... 

LAND ART COMPETITION | Nka Foundation invites submissions from creative practitioners and organizations dedicated to community placemaking to participate in its 2017 Land Art Competition. The competition is open to landscape architects, artists, curators, designers, architects, urban planners, structural engineers, university students and others from around the world to submit ideas for large-scale and site-specific public art installations based on site in rural Ghana. The submitted entries can be functional or nonfunctional works but must aim at creating a truly unique experience that becomes emblematic of what an arts village is and how it needs to function as a PLACE. The arts village is designed as a learning center to provide relational spaces for creative people from the region and other countries to live, work, learn and create. Registration Deadline: January 31, 2017. Learn More... 

APPLICATIONS OPEN | Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant The Center for Architecture is currently accepting applications for the Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant with the purpose to further the personal and professional development of an architect in early or mid-career through travel. Travel plans should be focused on a selected topic of interest to the individual, rather than a part of a larger humanitarian or institutional endeavor. If appropriate, the winner may be asked to present at the Center for Architecture upon return. Proposals should be judged on need, focus and benefit. Deadline: November 1, 2016. Learn More...

DESIGN COMPETITION | Eleven invites thinkers, architects, designers, artists, academics and visionaries from around the world to imagine innovative solutions for Moontopia - the first ever self-sufficient lunar colony designed for living, working, researching and - why not - a little space tourism too. With all this buzz surrounding space travel, will we finally see mankind return to the Moon with a view to inhabit? What does this mean in terms of design? How can architecture adapt to its lunar surroundings and respond to a whole new set of criteria - be it advantages or threats - such as extreme temperature shifts, lunar quakes or reduced gravity? What could lunar architecture actually look like today? Deadline: November 11, 2016. Learn More... 

DESIGN COMPETITION | The Schindler Global Award: Urban Design for Coexistence is a student urban design competition. It is focused on mobility, understood as a key driver of desirable change in urban areas around the world. The SGA is a chance for young designers to match their skills and imaginations against the challenge of shaping the cities of today and tomorrow. Students of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and design are invited to come up with holistic design proposals in response to a specific brief. The biannual competition will next take place in 2016-2017, with a site in São Paulo, Brazil. Deadlines: Applications by December 16, 2016 and Projects by December 30, 2016. Learn More...

Mathematical Photo Submissions | MoMath: SeeingMath  Do you see math in the world around you? Now is your opportunity to contribute a favorite mathematical photo to MoMath's _Seeing Math_ contest. Winning photos will be displayed on the large screen in the Museum as part of this visual tour of the mathematical world around us. To enter the _Seeing Math_ contest, please email your original photographic image (no photoshopping please) together with the formulae or commentary that would overlay the image. Please submit all entries to and limit the size of your email to 5 MB or less. Deadline: January 1, 2017. Learn More...

Nader Tehrani, Arch dean/fac| Lecture | Suspended Speculations, UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico), September 28, 2016, Mexico City, Mexico

Stephen Rustow, Arch fac | Contributor | Histoire du Louvre, Fayard, Paris, France, 2016

Georg Windeck, Arch fac | News Feature | "Since 9/11, Building Design and Construction in City Has Responded to Flaws," NY1, September 10, 2016

Michael Samuelian, AR '95/Arch fac | Article | "Michael Samuelian AR '95 Named to Top Governors Island Post," THE
COOPER UNION, September 29, 2016  | Article | "I Am Samuelian: The Lowdown on the Guy Tasked With Transforming Governors Island," COMMERCIAL OBSERVER, September 28, 2016  | Article | "Real Estate Executive to Take the Helm at Governors Island," THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 14, 2016

Maria Gonzalez Pendas, Arch fac | Commentator | Suspended Speculations, UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico), September 28, 2016, Mexico  City, Mexico

Situ Studio (Basar Girit, Aleksey Lukyanov-Cherny, Wes Rozen, Bradley Samuels, all AR '05, Wes Rozen also Arch fac) | Interview | File Under "Other Interviews", Canadian Centre for Architecture

John Hejduk, AR '50/Arch fac and dean emeritus (deceased) | Article | "A Loft, Aloft: John Hejduk at the Cooper Union," COMMUNICATION CCA, September 19, 2016

Diller Scofidio + Renfro (Elizabeth Diller, AR '79, Ricardo Scofidio, AR '55/Arch fac emeritus) | Article | "In the News," eOCULUS, September 15, 2016  | Article | "15 Hudson Yards reveals its over-the-top perks for residents," CURBED. COM, September 23, 2016  | Article | "50 starchitect-led projects that will transform NYC's skyline," CURBED.COM , September 28, 2016

Carmi Bee, AR '67 |
Article | "A Co-Working Space in SoHo, 15 Years in the Making," The New York Times, September 19, 2016

Toshiko Mori, AR '76 | Article | "Material Futures," ARCHITECTURAL RECORD, September 1, 2016

Lee Skolnick, AR '79 | Article | "In the News," eOCULUS, September 15, 2016

Stan Allen, AR '81 | Speaker | Speculative Urbanism: From the City of Objects to Environmental Apparatuses, Center for Architecture, September 27, 2016, NYC

Maurice Cox, AR '83 | Speaker | "J. Max Bond Jr. Lecture: Conversations Detroit: Present Community & Future Urbanism," Center for Architecture, October 7, 2016, NYC 

Smith-Miller + Hawkinson (Laurie Hawkinson, AR '83) | Article | "Denver Architects Select 74 New Buildings and Urban Planning Projects as the Nation's Highest Public Award for Design Excellence in the United States," The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, August 26, 2016

Shigeru Ban, AR '84, | Article | "50 starchitect-led projects that will transform NYC's skyline," CURBED.COM, September 28, 2016

Steven Hillyer, AR 90/Arch staff | Article | "Architecture Archive Awarded Grant," THE COOPER UNION, September 28, 2016

James Richards, AR '91 | Article | "Video: What Should Happen To The Astrodome? Here's An Idea," HOUSTON PUBLIC MEDIA, August 15, 2016

Vladimir Belogolovsky, AR '96, | Article | "Ricardo Bofill: Why Are Historical Towns More Beautiful Than Modern Cities?," ARCHDAILY.COM, September 13, 2016

OBRA Architects (Jennifer Lee, AR '97, Pablo Castro) | Book | OBRA Architects: LOGIC, B Architectural Publisher, September 2016


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