Hi Spark API Developers,

We're writing to make you aware of some important upcoming changes to the Spark API 's accounts service.

On Monday, July 13th, we'll be adjusting some fields the accounts service uses. We're making these changes in an effort to provide data via the Spark API as cleanly and efficiently as possible. We will remove some fields that are never populated in the Spark API or contain redundant data, retire a few that we will no longer support, and introduce a handful of new fields. Please review these changes and adjust any dependent processes accordingly.

The following fields will be removed, but the data will remain accessible by other means:
  • AOR: available via Associations expansion as Name of primary association
  • AORkey: available via Associations expansion as Id of primary association
  • AORMlsId: available as MlsId
  • MemberDesignation: available as new Designations hash. Previously only available for member records; now available for office records as well
  • MemberLoginId: available via LoginName expansion as LoginName
  • MemberMlsAccessYN: derived from two fields. Previously true when both the Active field and the Enabled field (available via Settings expansion) were also true
  • MainOfficeKey: available as CompanyId if it exists; otherwise, OfficeId
  • MainOfficeMlsId: available as MlsId of associated company account (if applicable); otherwise, MlsId of associated office account
  • OfficeBrokerKey: available as new field OfficeBrokerId
  • OfficeBrokerMlsId: available as MlsId of associated broker account
  • OfficeMlsId: available as MlsId of office or agent account
  • UserStatus: available as Active boolean field (UserStatus had value Active or Inactive)

These fields will be removed, and this data will no longer be accessible via the Spark API:
  • LastLoginTimestamp
  • OfficeBranchType
  • OriginatingSystemID
  • OriginatingSystemKey
  • OriginatingSystemName
  • SourceSystemID
  • SourceSystemKey
  • SourceSystemName

Finally, these fields are currently not functional or populated with data, so they will be removed from the Spark API's accounts payload:
  • MemberDirectPhone
  • MemberHomePhone
  • MemberVoiceMail
  • MemberVoiceMailExt

Please note that while this change eliminates some RESO Data Dictionary fields from the Spark API's accounts service, it does not directly affect the RESO Web API or its Office and Member services. This update is also independent of RETS and does not affect RETS feeds or data in any way.

We plan to make this change on Monday, July 13th. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this.

- The Spark API Team
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