Saturday, June 18, 2022
The metal arts crew orchestrates a large iron pour at the Carrie Furnaces.
Leaning into the Heat

Hopefully, when temperatures swelled into the 90s this week—and the humidity percentage rivaled those numbers—you had somewhere to hide out and cool off. As we enjoy a bit of a respite today, thoughts are drifting to next Saturday when our metal arts crew will be leaning into the heat. After a week of constructing molds, they'll don their leathers, hard hats, and safety boots and get the furnace heated up to 2800 degrees—and commence their craft, artfully commanding the molten iron to their will. 

It's a sight to see—and we welcome you to join us. Get your tickets now for this special event at the Carrie Blast Furnaces. Bring your camp chairs and a snack or pick up dinner from the Caribbean Fever food truck. Come experience the careful orchestration of the foundry crew!

Not unlike our metal arts team, it takes a community working together to create change, resulting in something for the benefit of all. That's what's been happening in Brownsville, Pennsylvania; a group of residents, along with local merchants, are transforming a vacant lot in to a community space with the help of The Perennial Project. Learn more in our latest Community Spotlight story.
Other than a reminder to check out our variety of tours available in the coming weeks, that's all we have to share with you today. Get out there and enjoy this beautiful day!
kids join in the planting of flowers in Brownsville,
Community Spotlight—Brownsville's Perennial Project
Sometimes big change begins with a small action. In Brownsville, one man's efforts to simply plant some flowers to beautify the neighborhood has blossomed into grassroots effort to transform a lot recently cleared of defunct buildings into a new community park.
Teamwork—an iron pour at the Carrie Blast Furnaces.
Iron Casting Spectator Event
June 25, 4:00 – 8:00 p.m., Carrie Blast Furnaces
Ever wonder what the process looks like to cast molten iron? Well, here is your chance! Bring some friends to the Carrie Blast Furnaces and watch our metal arts crew, along with a team of volunteers and workshop participants, fire up the cupola furnace and melt some iron. Witness a scaled-down version of what took place on site during its peak industrial era, then grab a drink and a bite to eat. 
The Uniquely Pittsburgh Sightseeing Tour on the Explorer riverboat.
Rivers of Steel Tours
Discover the artistry and innovation of southwestern Pennsylvania’s rich heritage on a Rivers of Steel tour!

Connect with Pittsburgh’s steel industry heritage when you tour the Carrie Blast Furnaces. See the city from a new perspective when you hop on board the Explorer riverboat. Travel back in time to discover the artistry of handcrafted manufacturing at the Machine Shop. There's always more to explore with Rivers of Steel tours!
Help preserve our region’s industrial and cultural heritage! Your tax-deductible contribution will help ensure that Rivers of Steel can continue to offer vital, engaging, community-based arts, education, and heritage programs for the residents of southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond.