featuring our June presbytery events
´╗┐at Montreat and Dogwood Acres.
The faith of our children and youth drives our commitment to offer events like these every summer.
Enjoy these snapshots and use them as a reminder to pray for our presbytery-wide youth and their growing discipleship.

AND put your prayer into action!

Make a commitment now to send your children/grandchildren/children you love to one of these
life-changing events in 2019.

Montreat 2019 Dates: June 9-15, 2019
Dogwood Acres 2019 Dates: June 23-28, 2019
Montreat 2018
Worship, fellowship, learning and challenge so that our youth may become deep-spirited disciples in our 21st century
Students from every geographic cluster of our presbytery attended this event, representing Americus, Bainbridge, First (Columbus), Donalsonville,  Northminster (Macon), Moultrie, First (Valdosta), and Trinity (Valdosta).

We are so grateful to ALL the adults who participated, adding their insights, joy, time and talent to this unforgettable week, namely Danny and Vickie Dieth, Don Moore, Chris Munro, Libby Register, and Lisa Zeanah.

Heartfelt thanks to our Montreat Moms, Sylena Wiggin of Bainbridge and Kim Emener of Northminster who organized this event.

Lisa Enfinger and Laura Peiper, both of Bainbridge, served as small group leaders for the event, which blessed both our presbytery and the church at large!
Dogwood Acres 2018
First (Bainbridge)  recruited faithfully and sent a great group!
Abby Dieth of First (Columbus) has been coming to this camp for years and bravely --and gladly -- paved the way for her peers to join her in the future!
Donalsonville  girls learning and growing together
Dillon Road (Thomasville) sent children! A few years ago they had none. Today they sponsor a scout troop and there are remarkable sign of hope in this small congregation!
Westminster (Warner Robins) sent a group along with their tireless pastor, Lucie Perkins (*pictured above in orange), who served as the chaplain for our presbytery for the week. Lucie is a retired RCA (Reformed Church of America) pastor who has found a second wind among the saints at Westminster. We are so grateful for her energy and her educational background, which has made her a great fit for this role at Dogwood Acres!
Lee Don's grandson from Covenant (Albany) offers a happy thumbs-up, delighted to have found this remarkable place to serve.

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