Team CRUfit Crushes
Lake Tahoe Spartan Beast!  

This past Saturday,  Team  CRUfit (Mia Honore, Tinu Mishra,  Laura Blair , Brian Fredin and Caitlin Smith) participated in the  Spartan  Beast World Championships at Squaw Valley. They all trained at CRUfit and their hard work, dedication &  support  for each other resulted in an amazing race! 

Check out Mia's impressive showing, placing 17th out of 138 in her age group! Mia's RACE SUMMARY

It's never too late to start training for an event. This could be you! Join Team CRUfit! 

Ride with Coach John  Cheetham
Thursday Evenings (Starts Oct 4)
6:30pm to 7:30pm
from "The New Yorker" via Joyce G.
Fall Team Challenge Progress Report
Even without our meters leader from the Spring of 2018, Maggie Rykowski (she may be back soon), the CRUfit Team is laying down meters at a fast pace. Our Fall Team is led by Ted Chapler, Mark Movic (rowing in a cave in Des Moines), Tierney O'Brien (rowing in Fresno/Clovis), MJ Broadbent and others. Our 5.5 Million Meters as of October 3rd places us 3rd among health clubs and 11th overall (out of 558 teams and clubs).


Open Row - Special Time
Sunday, October 7
8:00 AM to 9:45 AM

Row and Glow - Fall Challenge Edition
We've Got the Glow Sticks
Wednesday, October 10
7:45 PM to 9:00 PM
Yeehaw...The Great Towel Round-up!

At one time or another, many of us have walked out of the club with a towel draped around the neck or mopping a sweaty brow.  Sometimes the wayward towels make it back. Sometimes they go into hiding - taking a break from the daily grind here.  But we are running low and need them to come back to work. Please check your cars, gym bags, & fragrant piles of unwashed workout wear for any terrycloth stowaways.  Come home, little towels!

We miss you, we NEED you.
CRUfitter  Elizabeth Green Reports from Croatia

Elizabeth Green in Plitvice Park, Croatia
We hiked in the park two days. It is incredibly beautiful, for the senses and for the soul - one of the few places on earth in which I have been completely "in the moment".

I set a personal goal for the trip to walk at least 10,000 steps (per iPhone) every day. A few days I have logged more than 20,000. I am quite proud of myself.

New recipes are always interesting. Carpaccio of beef and lobster? I have enjoyed both fig and walnut rakejas as after dinner brandies. Today I had pancakes filled with a walnut paste.

We arrived in Mostar, Bosnia, in the midst of a rain storm and high winds this afternoon. The temperature dropped like a rock. I went from sweating profusely to shivering in minutes. No description of the Bora, which is what they call these winds, can prepare you for their intensity. Someone my size is blown over or propelled in its wake.

Ciao, Elizabeth

We LOVE to hear about your travel adventures, milestones, and interesting involvements. Send us a snapshot or two along with a blurb and we'll share with the CRUfit community!

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