Winter 2021

Welcome to the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network Pediatric Newsletter. The fun-loving pediatric therapists from Salem, Lexington, Cape Cod, Charlestown, Foxborough, and Kent (RI) have teamed up to bring you a network-wide newsletter filled with educational articles, inspiring stories, and news of exciting events.

We are dedicating the first of our newsletters to you, the Caregiver. We want to recognize your compassion, hard work, commitment, and love. Whether you are a parent of a child with a disability, an aide, a grandparent, or another care provider, we say THANK YOU with our deepest respect and gratitude.

This newsletter focuses on a few different areas of caregiving and aims to help you find your strength. In this publication, you will find information on body mechanics, mechanical lift systems, caregiving resources throughout the network, and managing stress. Also included is a personal story authored by a pediatric occupational therapist who found herself on the Other Side of the Screen during the pandemic as a parent of a child requiring virtual therapy services. We hope these articles are meaningful to you.

In strength,
Your Pediatric Rehabilitation Team at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network

Back School for Caregivers

What Fills Your Bucket?

Caregiving at Home:
Use of Lifting Equipment 

The Other Side of the Screen 

Caregiver Support:
The Maxwell & Eleanor Blum Patient and Family Learning Center
Caregivers, as a community member of the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, you have access to The Maxwell & Eleanor Blum Patient and Family Learning Center at Massachusetts General Hospital; a free resource where patients, caregivers, and families can get help from expert staff to find high quality, accurate, evidence-based health information. In addition, the Blum Center holds educational programs which may be of interest to you. Please visit the website, call 617.724.7352, or send an email to connect with staff who will help you find the health information you need.  

In addition to the Blum Center, an additional resource for health information is the Mass General Hospital for Children website. Patient education/health information is available for each topic.

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