We believe in the value of history
This morning, President Trump released a draft budget that proposes the elimination of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

If you think defunding NEA, NEH, and   IMLS  does not impact your site, consider this...

Have you received any or all of the following: NYSCA/GHHN Conservation Treatment Grant; C2CNYS Circuit Riders; attended C2CNYS Webinars; participated in GHHN workshops, Annual Conference, or webinars; Museum Association of New York 's former Ready, Set, Go! Grants; Preservation League of New York State 's TAG/Preserve NY Grants; Humanities New York  Vision/Action Grants; New York State Council on the Arts  GOS/Project/Facilities/Architectur e + Design/Decentralization Grants?  Then you have been supported by  NEA, NEH, and   IMLS

Defunding of these agencies would threaten the long-term preservation of the cultural heritage of our country. Since 1979, GHHN has envisioned communities that value the exploration and preservation of their heritage and culture, and are empowered to save it for and interpret it to future generations, through the leadership of museums and history organizations. We have collaborated with federal agencies to ensure that our museums, historic sites, libraries, and archives have the resources needed to keep their collections safe and accessible. Through funding via the New York State Council on the Arts, Humanities NY and Institute for Museum and Library Services, GHHN has provided educational programs for staff and volunteers and regranted conservation funds for museum collections throughout New York State. 

Show your support for IMLS, NEA & NEH who have been supporting you! 

Contact your Representatives: The National Humanities Alliance has a helpful tool that auto-generates messages to your members of Congress.  Click here to voice your support of the NEH.

Ask your Representatives to join the Humanities Caucuses: There are two caucuses that represent the humanities in Congress: the House of Representatives' Congressional Humanities Caucus and the Senate Cultural Caucus.  Click here to see the Caucus rosters.

Bottom line: these proposed eliminations endanger our country's cultural infrastructure. Call, write, and speak up!

Our history is at risk -
help save it for the future!