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Speak Up for Our Forests… and for Birds!

Deadline: Monday, August 12
The Elisha Mitchell Audubon Society (EMAS) urges you to take action against extreme policy changes that would cut out public involvement in most decisions affecting our national forests. A U.S. Forest Service proposal would eliminate requirements for public input and review of environmental impacts for many government projects like building new roads, logging, fracking and mining in our national forests. For instance, it would allow for commercial logging of up to 4,200 acres—6.6 square miles—without prior notice or public involvement. 

Here in western North Carolina, many birds, like the Cerulean and Golden-winged Warblers, depend on careful forest management to ensure that their needed habitats are maintained. Without environmental reviews of proposed Forest Service projects, threatened bird populations could decline even more.

America’s national forests belong to all of us—including the birds and wildlife we love. We have the right to be informed and involved in important decisions that affect them, as set forth in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Don’t let the Forest Service cut out our voice!

EMAS urges you to speak up for our national forests and against these drastic and harmful proposals by August 12. Tell the Forest Service why national forests are important to you and the birds we love! Remember to personalize your message.

C heck out local coverage on WLOS TV and read more about the proposed changes here .


The EMAS Advocacy Committee

(Cerulean Warbler photo courtesy of Will Stuart)
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