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Each box represents an elementary school. Each arrow shows a teacher shared with another school.

In this example, if we start at Fern Hill, where each of the specialists are also assigned to a second school, we can trace how quickly the number of schools who share contact rises.
What's It Like to Be Special?
A Little History...

Rod Huskey,
Boze Music Teacher

So, I was asked to write something about my experiences teaching music for Tacoma Public Schools and I have thoroughly enjoyed most of that time. During 38 years of teaching in Tacoma, I have taught at a number of elementary schools...

...The staffing of elementary music teachers has varied during the years. When I started, we had a Director and a Facilitator. That was helpful, because there was someone at the director level to advocate for us. The facilitator, who was an elementary music teacher, did the staffing. When the person doing the staffing knows the job and the people doing the job, it works much better, not perfect but better... Over the years, staffing has been done in different ways, but at the very least we should be notified of possible openings so that we can make the decision if we want that position...
TPS levels the playing field