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Imagine this scenario:

Partway through the school year, your child’s 2nd grade teacher has to retire. What a shock, but the children are resilient and they will soon adjust to a new teacher. Yet, instead of hiring one person to fill this open position, the school hires 3 people to fill the position...

So what is the problem?
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Specialist Remote Working Conditions Survey so that we have a better idea of the working conditions of elementary specialists during remote learning. We will be sharing a summary of this information with TEA so that they can better advocate for us.
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We've changed tools, but continue to advocate for working conditions which allow for the safety of staff and students, high quality instruction, equitable workloads for staff and equitable access to instruction for students.
Check in often as we build this resource. Newsletters will continue, but will be more streamlined and this will be the place where the information and resources we gather will reside.

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If you would like more information on how you can help advocate for our students and Music, PE and Library educators, please click to add yourself to our advocacy group.
A council representing PE, Music, and Library have been meeting to gather information, rally support and determine next steps for solving district-wide Safety, Quality and Equity issues for specialist programs, students, and staff.

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