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More Assignment Shuffling
Last week more specialists were informed that they have been reassigned, some to different schools, some to TOL.
Though this decision was made and approved by union representatives on November 9th, the affected staff members were only given a week's notice of these changes.
We have many questions and concerns around these decisions, including the impact on quality of instruction, continuing communication gaps, lack of transparency, the growing culture of disrespect in the workplace, and inequitable workloads. As these changes go into effect December 7, stay tuned for information as the facts become available.
Please complete the
Specialist Remote Working Conditions Survey

Remember back in the Spring when we had to ask each specialist where they were because there was no official list being shared? Well, with all of the changes this Fall, and a lack of communication, we're back at it again. Please fill out the survey so that we can figure out who is where doing what. Thanks for taking the time to speak up for specialists!
So far, we've heard from just over half of us. Thanks!
Knowledge is Power!
One Job, One Educator
 Hi, my name is Mike Caldwell and I teach at Crescent Heights Elementary and Delong Elementary. This is my 29th year of teaching and my first time teaching at two schools. As most of you know it’s a difficult time for us, students and parents during remote learning time. Everybody is working hard to do their best to for all involved to succeed. It does feel at times the deck is stacked against us...
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