Speaker Intro: Scott Noelle!


Rethinking Everything is excited to announce the return of friend and beloved speaker Scott Noelle! 


Scott believes that children are innately good and that responsive, natural, creative parenting is the best way to foster their goodness. This perspective is at the heart of The Daily Groove, Scott's ongoing series of inspirational writings for parents. Over the past seven years, more than 20,000 families have benefitted from Scott's practical parenting wisdom through the free Daily Groove mailing list.


Scott became a parent in 1997, and later that year he collaborated with Jean Liedloff, author of The Continuum Concept, to bring her continuum parenting principles to the internet. It was Jean's insights into human nature -- based on her experience of living in the Amazon jungle with a Stone Age tribe for two years -- that most influenced Scott's early parenting and led to his current career as a parenting coach and writer.


Parents who reject fear-based, coercive parenting methods often feel powerless because they lack effective alternatives. Scott helps such parents by teaching them four positive pathways to power -- Partnership, Authenticity, Trust, and Heart -- an approach he calls PATH Parenting.


Scott is also an advocate of homeschooling and natural, self-directed, pleasure-driven learning. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his partner Beth Noelle and their two teenagers, who are learning all the time.


Scott will be hosting four sessions on his own and two with Beth between Aug. 30th and Sept. 2nd, 2014.  (More information on Beth's sessions coming very soon ;-)  

PATH Parenting Workshop 
Discover the Four Pathways to power for parents and children: Partnership, Authenticity, Trust, and Heart (PATH). Come with an open mind and leave with new tools and increased confidence in your ability to create the loving, powerful family experience you desire. See also: www.pathparenting.com

Your Daily Groove 
Q&A with Scott Noelle, author of The Daily Groove. Get answers to your burning questions about parenting, relationships, and creating a more joyful life that works for everyone in your circles.

Stone Age Parenting in the Modern World 
The Flintstones got it all wrong! Learn about The Continuum Concept, the wisdom of hunter-gatherer cultures, and making it work in modern times.

Rethinking Love and Intimacy (led by Scott and Beth Noelle)
Don't let Hollywood and Pop culture define your relationships! Conventional notions of love may be limiting your experience of connection and closeness with others. How would you relate differently with everyone if, instead of presuming that separation is the starting point, every relationship started with the presumption of oneness? This will be a candid exploration and discussion of loving outside the box.

Are You a FUPWAG? 
In this fun circle discussion we'll celebrate our potential to make a difference in the world and achieve greatness despite the reality that we're all "damaged goods." Learn to appreciate how your "damage" makes you more wonderful when you stop trying to appear perfect. Practice liberating yourself from unrealistic expectations. Bring your sense of humor. And in case you're wondering, a FUPWAG is a F*cked-Up Person With Aspirations of Greatness. :)

Sing Your Heart Out (led by Scott and Beth Noelle)
A workshop for adults and teens who love to sing. Learn new ways to access the power of your heart and sing with your whole body, mind, and spirit. You will have an opportunity to be coached through a song of your choice and then optionally sing it at the conference talent show.

We hope you'll join us, Scott and the rest of the RE tribe in Little Rock, Arkansas this August. It's going to be a terrific event and won't be the same without you! 

Peace and Blessings,

Kevin, Kelly, Killian, Kirin and Keigin 

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The Continuum Concept: In Search Of Happiness Lost (Classics in Human Development)
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