February Updates
9,500 patient admissions...

Earlier this month, Christ House welcomed our 9,500th patient admission into our medical respite facility since our founding in 1985. It was our founders' hope that a day would come when our services would no longer be needed -- when homelessness would be eradicated. Sadly this day has not yet come.

During last year's Point in Time (PIT) Count, a total of 5,111 individuals were experiencing homelessness in DC. As long as services are needed, Christ House will continue to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for people experiencing homelessness with acute medical needs in DC. We will continue providing healing and hope each day.
Speaker Series on Homelessness & Health Care

This year, Christ House will host a virtual Speaker Series on homelessness and health care featuring former Year Long Volunteers (YLVs). These informative sessions will be open to the public and are a chance to learn more about the causes of homelessness, the challenges individuals experiencing homelessness face, as well as solutions and organizations working to support unhoused persons. Join us for our first session tomorrow, February 25th at 4:00PM.
Point in Time (PIT) Count
Measuring Homelessness in the US

The PIT Count is the primary source of data used by the US Government to track demographics and needs of people experiencing homelessness throughout the country. This survey collects information on specific characteristics within homeless communities including age, gender, mental illness, chronic illness, substance use, history of institutional involvement, income, veteran status, and more. 
Get Involved

Christ House accommodates volunteers individually, or in groups with a maximum size of 3 people. Starting in March, we hope to welcome back fully vaccinated and K95-masked local volunteers into our facilities. If you would like to apply to become a volunteer, please click on the link below.
Christ House Neighborhood Tour
Join us for a neighborhood walking tour where you can learn about Christ House’s mission, the Kairos Program, and other important local nonprofit missions. This tour is a great way to familiarize yourself with the history of our block.

The next tour is Thursday, March 3rd at 12pm.
In case you missed it...
Black History Month:
Weekly Spotlights
This year, Black History Month focuses on Black health and wellness. Each week, Christ House will spotlight a Black leader in the field of health care. View our spotlights below:

Nutritious Recipes for the New Year
Last month we had the pleasure of sitting down with our kitchen staff to learn more about their work, and to share nutritious recipe recommendations for the new year from Food Services Manager Colin Hammond...
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More Ways to Support Healing and Hope:
Support our efforts to help patients break the cycle of homelessness.

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