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As an engaging speaker, captivating author, and results-focused influencer,
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        • Develop your team, one person at a time.
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Welcome to Inspired Impressions an informational and inspirational monthly e-newsletter  filled with a ction-based strategies to transform your life one choice at a time, develop your team one person at a time, and evolve your organization one solution at a time .
Each issue is designed with you in mind and includes personal insights, interesting and relevant business topics, helpful tips and tools, inspiring stories, and opportunities to con nect. 
I hope you enjoy this month's issue and are able to apply at least one idea into your professional and/or personal life.  


Perhaps you are confronted with taking a chance when others will not, or your idea is very unpopular. Maybe you desperately want to follow your vision, no matter where it takes you, but you are meeting intense resistance. Perchance you are simply trying to do the right thing, even though far easier options exist. 

Most of us are called to be courageous more than we think, and we likely already possess many of the qualities that other remarkably courageous people have demonstrated. But if building definition in your courage muscle is a strength-enhancing exercise you want or need to target, highlighted below are six ways to grow that muscle:  

1.  Stop procrastinating and give courage a try. Do your best. Learn from the results of that first attempt and avoid becoming discouraged.

2.  Face what you fear. Look it in the eye and determine exactly what you are afraid of. Rejection? Being laughed at? Not being accepted? Then once you know what you fear, face it and tell yourself, "This fear will pass." Take one small step, then another. Action builds courage.

3.  Step outside your comfort zone. By being open to meeting new people, visiting a city you have never been to but are curious about, or tasting an appealing entrée,
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The One Choice Rule: Transform Your Life and Work
by Changing Your Mindset and Behavior

This brand new life-altering book is filled with groundbreaking insights and tools for action to help you transform your life and achieve greater success. Tracy shares the secret of how better control emotional reactions, alter your mindset and change behavior, empower personal accountability, adapt thoughts and interpretations, positively influence choices, bring out the best in your team and yourself, and create the results that are coveted at work and in life. The One Choice Rule: One choice can change everything.


Have you ever wondered why you make some of the decisions that you do? I believe one significant factor that influences one choice over another is a human desire to move toward pleasure and avoid pain. By pleasure I mean things that create feelings of happiness, strength, optimism, energy, or inspiration. With pain, I am referring to feelings of anger, confusion, helplessness, frustration, or even boredom. If you are regularly able to demonstrate self-discipline by delaying pleasure or gratification, your chances for achieving success in life increase substantially.
According to a landmark Stanford University study, children were provided one marshmallow and given the choice of eating it or waiting fifteen minutes and being rewarded for holding out with a second marshmallow. Some kids ate theirs right away. Others waited. But the study's real significance came years later, when researchers discovered that the children who held out for the reward had become far more successful adults than the children who ate the first marshmallow immediately. This "marshmallow theory" was found to explain that the key difference between success and failure is not merely hard work or intelligence, but the ability to delay gratification.

If you are looking to delay gratification, like to save money now to be able to purchase a more desirable item in the future, here are five strategies to help you stand strong:
1. Be clear on your values and what matters most. Have a clear understanding of what is important to you and what you want to accomplish. When you realize these aspects, you are more likely to make choices that can help you achieve the goals and success you desire.
2. Break down big projects/goals. Just like running, athletes train very differently for a sprint than a marathon. The long project will help you to learn about the process, setting mini-goals along the way, and ongoing persistence.
3. Offer visual progress. Use a jar of marbles or some sort of visual tool to demonstrate working toward...


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