July 2018
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Speakers Announced for the ILSI Research Foundation’s 
2018 Scientific Symposium 

The symposium Protected Production of Fruits and Vegetables for Nutrition Security in Urban and Peri-Urban Environments will bring together an impressive group of international experts to explore how protected cultivation of fruits and vegetables can be used to provide a reliable, affordable, and sustainably produced supply of nutrient dense foods. Co-organized with the World Bank’s Food and Agriculture Global Practice, the symposium will take place on July 18, 2018. Register to join us in person or via live stream.
Protocol for US Potato Simulations

One of the goals of the ILSI Research Foundation’s Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chains: Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Opportunities project is to use integrated modeling to help identify and test adaptation and mitigation strategies for addressing projected impacts of climate change. The team recently published a project document Protocol for U.S. Potato Simulations that describes the modeling approach that the team will use to assess the climate change impact on potato yields and potential adaptations, including possible shifts in production area in the United States. 
EuropaBio Workshop: The Agronomic and Phenotypic Assessment of Plant Varieties

Last week, our Deputy Executive Director, Dr. Andrew Roberts, delivered a presentation about the  ILSI Crop Composition Database (CCDB) at the workshop Agronomic and Phenotypic Assessment of Plant Varieties organized by EuropaBio . The workshop provided a forum for discussion of how data is collected and analyzed from both conventional and GE plant varieties, and it was largely driven by increasing scrutiny of field data collection methodology (including sampling) and attempts to analyze the results of comparative compositional assessment by EFSA. The presentation on the CCDB was important to demonstrate the history of data collection in this space and to better educate European stakeholders on the processes and procedures that are used by the CCDB Working Group to ensure that data in the CCDB are accurate and reliable. Importantly, the event also afforded the opportunity to discuss the use and interpretation of compositional data.
Save the Date: 6th Annual South Asia Biosafety Conference,
September 15-17, 2018

Planning for the 6th Annual South Asia Biosafety Conference (SABC) is underway. This year’s SABC will be in Dhaka, Bangladesh from September 15-17. As the premier biosafety meeting in South Asia, the conference will bring together leading scientists from regulatory agencies, public sector research institutions, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations.