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ep. 94 - Ridgely Goldsborough: Author, Entrepreneur, and International Speaker

According to Ridgely, Market domination is about two things: grabbing market share and holding onto it despite attacks by the competition. To achieve it, you need leadership and weapons that give you an edge. Weapons that your competition has never seen. It’s time for the WHY Advantage.

Mike designs companies for the 21st century. With an engaging blend of case studies, global perspectives and cutting-edge research, Mike’s original insights help business leaders understand and unleash their future potential.
ep. 96 - Seth Mattison: Author, CEO, Entrepreneur

Seth Mattison is an International expert on workforce trends and generational dynamics. As founder and CEO of Futuresight Labs and Strategic Partner at BridgeWorks, LLC. Seth advises many of the world’s leading brands and corporations on the key shifts happening around talent management, change, leadership, and the future of work.
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