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ep. 97 - Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D.:Renowned Psychologist, Best Selling Author, Success Coach

Success starts from within. Whether you want to have a healthy body, booming business, or flourishing relationships, the first step is to rewire your brain and cultivate your peak mindset. Dr. Lombardo teaches practical skills to make lasting transformations in your life.
ep. 98 - Chip Eichelberger: Creator of "Get Switched On"; Formerly Tony Robbins International Point Man

After five years with Tony Robbins, as his international point man, Chip has “switched on’ over 1000 events for clients like Hyatt, Harley Davidson and Campbell Soup Company. A proven pro, he does his homework to customize his high-energy, interactive message EVERY TIME - it is about THEM not Chip.
ep. 99 - Lisa Ford: Customer Loyalty Expert

Lisa is best known for her work in the areas of customer service. She is the author of the #1 best selling training series, How to Give Exceptional Customer Service. Clients come back to her time and again to raise the bar and keep improving.
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