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ep. 26 - Robyn Benincasa
New York Times Best-Selling Author and World Champion Adventure Racer

Robyn Benincasa is the founder of World Class Teams, a world champion adventure racer, a CNN Hero, former corporate sales expert and a full time firefighter who advises organizations on building World Class Teams of their own.
ep. 51 - Chip Bell
Best-Selling Author of Take Their Breath Away & Wired and Dangerous

Chip Bell has helped many Fortune 100 companies dramatically enhance their bottom lines through innovative customer-centric strategies that address the needs of today’s picky, fickle, and vocal customers. Global Gurus ranked him both in 2014 and 2015 as the #1 keynote speaker in the world on customer service.
ep. 52 - Jason Barger
National SHRM Speaker, TEDx, newest book "Thermostat Cultures" resonating globally

Jason is dynamic, funny, and a phenomenal storyteller! Perfect for groups looking to cut through distractions and re-engage people around authentic leadership, growing an engaged culture & vision. National SHRM speaker, TEDx & global leadership speaker.

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