October 2018
Monthly Update:
Certified Crop Consultants
Do you have an event this winter season and need a knowledgeable speaker? Our Certified Crop Consultants are experts in soil, water and plant problems. Book them to present at your upcoming event. Don't delay.

Did you enjoy Spud School? Don't wait until the next one! Call us to book our speakers for your private event.

Available dates are filling up fast!

and Dr. Larry Zibilske , Soil
Microbiologist , are experts in
educating your members or clients
on reviving soil biology, enhancing
crop nutrition, managing water
quality, and so much more!
Now is the perfect time to prepare...
Call us to see how we can help you make the most of next year's growing season. Our wide selection of tests can give you the edge you need to achieve the best yields and quality!

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