Volume VI, No. 3    
March 2015

Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down.

- Charles Kettering
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Speaking Tip Vol. VI, #3, Let Yourself Be Heard
The Best How-To Book on Speaking!
Have Speech, Will Travel!
Food for Thought
A Better Speaker = A Better Leader!
More about Marion Claire ~ Revealing an Embarrassing Secret
Why is it called Speaking is Sexy? 

When what someone says and how they say it sends chills up and down your spine, that's sexy! 
Whether you're giving a speech, having a conversation, saying your wedding vows, teaching your kids, exhorting your sales team, or talking in your sleep, if someone is listening, you are inspiring them.  It's important to remember that whenever you speak, someone is influenced by each word you say. 
Be a positive influence. Be an inspiration. That's very sexy.

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This newsletter will give you tips and techniques to become the accomplished speaker you've always longed to be.

MARION CLAIRE coaches solopreneurs, business owners, middle managers and executives who want to be confident, unique and sexy speakers who influence and inspire others with the power of their voice.

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What Is Marion Up To?





Make it easier to give a speech. My brand new eCourse will show you how!




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"After working with Marion Claire, my fear of speaking in front of a group of people is practically gone.  I still get a few pre-speech butterflies, which Marion assures me are totally normal, but my former severe anxiety has disappeared.  Marion taught me simple techniques to release my pre-speech tension and build up my confidence.  Her knowledge and easy-going manner make her very easy to work with.  She's the real deal and I'm happy to recommend her."
~ David Feldman, CPA, david@feldover.com



"Wow!  I am totally blown away, Marion!  Thank you!  Hope to use your services again soon."
~ Victoria Ferro, CEO, MicroKey Solutions, Inc.

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~ Angela W.

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Speaking is Sexy Tip Vol. 6, #3

Let Yourself Be Heard!


      President Teddy Roosevelt once said, 'Speak softly and carry a big stick." Good advice for diplomatic relations with foreign countries, but not so much when we're speaking in public.

      Have you ever had to listen to a speaker in front of a group with lots to say that you really wanted to hear, but his volume was permanently turned down to low? For example, in a relatively intimate situation, say a private room in a restaurant or a small conference room, where there really isn't any need for a microphone? There you are, sitting only about 3 or 4 feet from the speaker, but you can hardly hear him. In a larger room it's worse.  If someone raises a hand or calls out to ask the presenter to speak louder, he complies for a few words, and then goes right back to the just above a whisper level. Why doesn't the speaker talk louder, especially after being asked to speak up?

      Believe it or not, he probably doesn't realize he can't be heard. He's so busy focusing on just getting through it that he's not thinking about the audience at all. It's a very common problem for folks who believe, "They're going to judge me and I'm going to fail," or "They're not going to be interested in what I have to say," or "I really don't want to do this, but I have to for my job, so I'll just get it over with." People who seem unable to speak loud enough to be heard are often convinced that what they have to say will not come out right or have no merit.  If they speak softly, maybe no one will notice.       

      Often these fears stem from something in the speaker's past that she may or may not even remember. Maybe she grew up in a family where every time she expressed her own thoughts, someone criticized her or told her to be quiet and let her elders speak.  Maybe she was constantly compared to a sibling who was smarter, more articulate, funnier, or the favorite of the household. Never receiving praise or a pat on the back for the things we thought or said as a child can make us feel inadequate and incompetent. Being laughed at for speaking your mind, at home or in school, can leave lasting feelings of humiliation.

      As adults, we often have no memory of those uncomfortable times when we felt judged, teased or put down.  The feelings remain with us, though, to re-surface the minute we put ourselves out there in front of people.  Up they come to make us feel scared and not good enough to deliver our talk well. When a presenter speaks too softly to be heard, it may be because he's so afraid of what you're thinking about him that he's trying to minimize his presence in front of you. If he speaks quietly, maybe you won't notice how incompetent he is. 

       We in the audience are aware of none of those things. We want the speaker to speak up because we want to benefit from what she has to say. We want to receive the gift of her knowledge and experience, whether she's giving us a 60-second bio or a 30-minute lecture. We want to leave the room knowing more about the subject than we did when we came in.         

       It's a myth that the audience is waiting to criticize you when you get up to speak. The truth is they want to get the benefit of the many years you've spent perfecting your knowledge and ability. They want you to pass your gift on to them. Give it to them with confidence.  Let yourself be heard!


Okay, that's my opinion, but in all honesty, others tell me they feel the same way. If you already have a copy, and have read and liked it, please go over to Amazon.com and say so! The more likes and positive reviews folks see on Amazon, the more it'll help spread the word. 
Many thanks! 

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"I have a whole new mindset about getting up to speak after reading Marion's book.  I was quite nervous before, but she showed me another way of looking at the audience which made me feel more confident.  And I liked the way the Speaking Tips reinforce the advice in every chapter.  It's a terrific book and it really helped me." 

~ Larry Freedman, Dynamic Nursing Service

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Marion Claire coaches entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals of all kinds to become the confident public speakers they long to be. An autographed copy of her book, SECRETS of a UNIQUE & SEXY SPEAKER, is available on her website. She'll customize a Speech or Workshop for your organization and help you write your speech for almost any occasion.  

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Have Speech, Will Travel!



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  ~Mina Trujillo, PR & Marketing Specialist


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conftableFood for Thought


Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward.


~ Victor Kiam


"Public Speaking was terrifying to me AND necessary to my business.  Within a short time of working with Marion, my fears subsided and my confidence grew.  With her program and knowledge, I am able to speak publicly for the first time.  She gave me the tools necessary to make this painless and even FUN!  I learned a lot and feel so much better about myself in general.  Thank you so much, Marion." 


    ~ Jennie S. Crowley, Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom



     If you're running your own business or leading a team in a large or small company and the thought of giving a speech paralyzes you, it's time to change your thinking! A Coach will help you become a better leader by becoming a better speaker. Learn to streamline your ideas, create a solid presentation, and increase your ability to look and sound professional. Quickly learn the tips and techniques you need to make you both a better speaker and a better leader!


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More about Marion Claire


Revealing An Embarrassing Secret

      We all have an embarrassing secret that we don't want to reveal because we're afraid people will think less of us if we do so. For many, many years I hid mine. I was sure that people would look at me strangely or not want to be around me if they knew I was less than perfect. Boy, was I wrong!

      The thing about hiding the truth about yourself is that you are depriving yourself and the folks you come in contact with of the opportunity to have an honest relationship with you. True, you don't want to just blurt out your deepest feelings or most painful memories at inappropriate moments. But it is far better to be open about the things you cannot change that have shaped who you are. Facing the secrets of the past helps you understand yourself and it helps others understand you. And with understanding come the gifts of appreciation, sympathy, empathy, and love.

      So here's the embarrassing secret I used to be afraid to reveal.

      For over 20 years, I suffered from agoraphobia, the fear of crossing open spaces. Sometimes I couldn't leave my house for more than five minutes, without scurrying back inside. My enemy was not the great outdoors. It was simply fear.

      Everyone experiences fear on occasion. And everyone's fear is a little bit different, personal to the individual. Mine was fear of being alone out in the world. I didn't feel safe by myself. Although I was perfectly content to live on my own, I needed the comfort and companionship of someone I knew well whenever I ventured out of the safety of my home. No way could I dream of getting up to speak in front of a room full of strangers!

      I'm so proud to say that I overcame my fear. It took, first of all, the courage to admit there was something wrong. Then came the desire to fix it and to seek out the help I needed to overcome it.

      And wow! Look at me now!

      Today I speak in front of groups of all sizes, shapes and interests.  If I can do it, so can you!  Let me help you.  contact me at  speakinginsexy@aol.com.  

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