October 2016
Speaking Truth in Love this Voting Season
Editorial by attorneys John Mauck, Richard Baker, and Whitman Brisky

Voting time is fast approaching and congregations are often misinformed regarding which candidate has the best interest at heart concerning family values and policies that protect our rights as parents and as Christians.  

Getting the Most Out of Your Legal Services
By Gail Jernberg
Mauck & Baker office manager Gail Jernberg shares how to ensure we best serve you and keep your legal fees down. It is in your best interest to reach out to a less expensive staff member to get assistance. Who would you call for upcoming dates or questions on your latest statement?  
Upcoming Engagements 
LIFT Pastors Conference
Attorneys Rich Baker and Noel Sterett will speak at WYLL's Pastor's LIFT Conference this October. Their topic:  five emerging legal concerns for which every church should be prepared.

Keynote speakers include Bill Hybels, founder of Willow Creek Community Church and Steve Arterbern, teaching pastor and host of New Life Live.
Responding to Gay Marriage & Gender-Identity Issues
 Attorney Noel Sterett will speak at Grace Bible Church as part of this year's series: Contemporary Issues of Christian Morality.
Christian Legal Society's National Conference
Hosted just outside of Washington, D.C., keynote speakers this year ar Dr. Al Mohler ; author  Peter Greer ;  Efrem Smith , CEO of World Impact; and  Justice Janice Rogers Brown  from the DC Federal Circuit.
 A religious panel of leading religious liberty lawyers and thinkers
 will be present as well as workshops.  
At the Firm
Mauck & Baker Welcomes New 
Communications Manager
We are pleased to announce that Stephanie Grossoehme is our new communications manager. She’s a Chicago native and grew up on the southwest side of the city near Marquette Park. Stephanie has experience working with nonprofit organizations doing marketing, development and communications work. 
Pro-life Activist Joe Scheidler Discusses the Climate of the Pro-Life Movement Today
Attorney Rich Baker speaks with Joe Scheidler about his lifelong work as an advocate for the unborn. Scheidler was a leader for the Pro-Life Action Network in the 1993 Supreme Court case National Organization for Women v. Scheidler.
Illinois Family Institute released a free Voter Guide this year.  The races included are Presidential, U.S. Senate, Congressional, State Senate and State Representative.  
Discipling Law Students:
Brent Amato of Christian Legal Society Shares about His Work 
Brent Amato is a Christian Legal Society Chicagoland staff member with a focus on attorney and law student ministries.

Discover the Secret to Increasing Productivity without Having to Hire More Church Staff. Learn about the best tools available for managing your people, your content, and your Sunday morning experience.

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